Ving and bLoyal

VingDirect and bLoyal Announce Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Winery Loyalty

Santa Rosa, CA – VingDirect and bLoyal today announced they have forged a strategic partnership, providing a cohesive integration of the companies’ platforms used to focus on growing winery direct to consumer sales.

As part of the partnership, VingDirect and bLoyal will provide wineries with an easily accessible view of their direct to consumer business per channel and per customer type, enabling wineries to quickly see opportunities to increase sales to customer segments.

“Our partnership represents our dedication to helping wineries build their direct to consumer business,” said Tammy Boatright, president of VingDirect. “Through bLoyal’s platform, which incentivizes the capture of customer information and loyalty engagement, we’re able to help wineries create strategic and targeted marketing efforts that deliver real results. “

“We are excited to partner with Tammy and her team at VingDirect. We share the common goal of helping wineries grow direct to consumer business,” said Rob Carney, CEO of bLoyal. “VingDirect’s marketing services and dashboards, when integrated with bLoyal, provide wineries with the actionable insight needed to build loyal wine customers.”

Armed with the tools to easily capture more customer information through bLoyal, VingDirect will provide consulting, training and automated dashboards to help wineries increase wine sales.

About VingDirect

VingDirect is focused on helping wineries grow direct to consumer sales. VingDirect dashboards provide wineries with a view of actionable metrics, automatically fed from the winery POS and wine club software systems. The benchmarking dashboard is the only one in the wine industry and allows VingDirect members to benchmark their tasting room performance against their winery peers.

About bLoyal

bLoyal delivers winery loyalty technology, automation, and integration across direct to consumer channels to help wineries maximize customer lifetime value. The bLoyal platform integrates with winery platforms and systems to bring customer interactions into one place so wineries can grow their customer base, dynamically engage and strengthen customer relationships, and optimize loyalty programs through deeper customer insight.

Holiday Wine Sales Loyalty

Maximize Your Winery’s Holiday Sales with These Three Tips

The holiday season is a brilliant opportunity for wineries to end the year with their highest sales month yet. You’ll hopefully see plenty of customers, both new and old, but be sure to plan ahead to make the most of all that traffic and take your holiday sales increase right into the new year!

Encourage Winery Gift Card Purchases and Gift-giving

Every winery gift card or gift package sold is an opportunity to make an impression and earn another loyal customer. Loyal customers are your winery’s best brand ambassadors, so the more loyal winery customers you have, the more you’ll continue to get! It’s important to give your winery customers several ways to shop and gift your goods. Offering gift packages both online and in your shop helps take the work out of choosing wine gifts, and you can include a coupon or loyalty incentive in the package to encourage the recipient to shop with you directly!

Winery gift card promotions are great for encouraging more business in the new year. Most customers that redeem gift cards spend more than the value of the card, so you’ll see a return on your investment if you offer gift card promos, like discounted or free winery gift cards with a minimum purchase amount, or gift package purchase.

Another great way to maximize your winery’s holiday sales is through special shipping rates on gifts or gift packages, so your customers can do their holiday shopping from the comfort of their home, and you’ll gain a new outbound loyalty marketing opportunity with every gift given.

Offer a Loyalty Program in Addition to your Wine Club

Although joining a wine club is the pinnacle of customer loyalty, not all customers are comfortable with recurring charges on their credit card. Winery loyalty programs based on purchase history are a fantastic way to incentivize your best customers that may not want to join your wine club and have wine shipped to them automatically each month.

Offer your top customers a points-based winery loyalty program with rewards that can be redeemed for anything you want, like private tours, dinner with the winemaker, or other exclusive offers that demonstrate the value you give to your most loyal customers.

Provide Recipe Pairing Suggestions with Wine Purchases

Nothing goes together quite like wine and a great holiday meal. Make your wine the centerpiece of a holiday meal your customers will remember with recipe suggestions based on the specific region, varietal, or blend that they purchased.

Make your recipes available through a QR code on your wine bottles, or follow up with your customers after their purchase via email. Your customers will be grateful for a trained chef’s recipe that compliments your wines unique characteristics.