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Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing

Engage program members with the outbound marketing tools that we’ve built right into the bLoyal system. You don’t need a separate, third-party system to send out exclusive offers through email, text, social blasts or remarketing campaigns. Segmented lists and categories keep your member contacts organized, so you can send targeted promotions to users based on their demographics, behaviors, and preferences without the hassle of managing separate mailing databases.

Loyalty Marketing with Email

Bulk emailing within bLoyal is simple. You can create newsletters with custom branded templates and send them to member groups or all members. Send event announcements, promotional campaigns, exclusive member content, surveys, and easily track engagements from the bLoyal dashboard. You’ll have instant insights on what your members are responding to best, so you can shape future messages and promotions based on real engagement metrics.

Text Message Marketing

Schedule promotional announcements, coupons, event invitations, and more to reach your members anywhere through text message marketing. Members can opt-in or out at any time, and you can personalize messages for each user. Text message loyalty marketing is an excellent way to grow your audience, and it’s all possible in the bLoyal system without leaving your loyalty dashboard.

Social Media Loyalty Marketing

Social media marketing doesn’t need to be tedious or involve multiple systems. bLoyal’s social media plugins let you post promotional content across all of your social media channels at once, or schedule posts in advance. You can send out shareable coupons, announcements, and exclusive deals without signing into multiple social media platforms.

Remarketing with bLoyal

Remarketing helps you convert anonymous browsers and previous buyers into loyal customers by targeting visitors to your website while they browse elsewhere online. This ad-based marketing technique increases online sales conversions by using tracking codes to encourage potential shoppers to return to your site and purchase after leaving.

Loyalty Rewards and Outbound Marketing

bLoyal offers a single platform for managing all of your outbound marketing and loyalty program efforts from one location. Engagements are linked to each member’s profile in our 360 CRM, as well as our reporting system, so you can view loyalty program engagement history and evaluate the effectiveness of your targeting.

Call us today and schedule a demonstration of our omnichannel marketing and loyalty platform, and learn more about our outbound marketing tools.