Quarterly Releases Preview

Reintroducing the Quarterly Release Cycle

As many of our valued clients know, the bLoyal development team has been working furtively over the last 24 months on our migration to Version 4 of the bLoyal platform. While this has been an incredibly rewarding move, among many other challenges, it’s meant a significant reduction in our communications regarding regular platform updates.

As life settles back into a more normal rhythm, we’re happy to announce that our quarterly release cycle is back. Here’s what that means for you and what to expect going forward:

  • bLoyal Quarterly Release Notes – At the end of each quarter, our team will compile a list of all added features and updates to the bLoyal platform, along with a short description of how each might affect your loyalty program. We invite you to send commentary about those notes directly to our support team at support@bloyal.com


  • bLoyal Quarterly Release Webinar – In addition, we will follow those notes up with a “Quarterly Release” webinar, in which we will take a deeper dive into each of these additions and updates, and how they work. At the conclusion of that webinar, the recording will be sent to all attendees as well as posted on our YouTube channel.

For easy access, each quarterly bulletin will be posted to the “News” section of our website. You will also receive an email with an invitation to view that link, as well as an invitation to the associated quarterly release webinar, every third month.

You can expect the first of these quarterly release communications over the coming weeks.

We’re excited to move forward, and hope that this updated system provides the most relevant information about bLoyal products to our customers in the most easily accessible way. For more information about our 2018 quarterly release cycle, please email us at support@bloyal.com.


bLoyal Marketing March 7, 2018

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