Our Team

Our Team

Company Culture

Innovation is part of our genetic makeup. And it doesn’t stop with the products we sell. The bLoyal team is constantly looking for new ways to approach everyday pain points, both in and outside our organization. We believe that our platform’s ability to surprise and delight the client at every turn is a reflection of our commitment to the aggressive pursuit of ideas.

Team Member Values

We Are Passionate and Enjoy What We Do

We are passionate and enjoy helping Community Members (Clients and Partners) and our Team Members succeed.

We Do the Right Thing

We use our best judgement to make the decisions despite ambiguity. We think strategically and use data for informed decisions

We Are Impactful

We work to accomplish amazing amounts of important and impactful work. We are results oriented with a bias toward action and the value we create.

We Constantly Innovate

We recognize that long term Community value comes from continual improvement and innovation and look for ways to improve the service we provide while creating sustainable competitive advantages for everyone in our Community.

We Thrive on Competition

We are competitive and always strive to be better and make the Community better than any alternative that our Members may have.

We Are Fully Engaged

We strive to be open, honest, direct, and respectful. We recognize, accept, and engage the best ideas.

We Really Care

We seek what is best for our Community Members (Clients and Partners) and Team Members. We strive to go above and beyond what is expected to help our Clients and Partners succeed. We make time to help teammates and share information openly and proactively.

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