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On the heels of NCR’s surprise announcement that it would be discontinuing its Retail Online product, the team at bLoyal has officially announced an alternative for the widely-used eCommerce platform that will allow NCR Retail Online merchants to continue offering ecommerce solutions with little to no interruption in service.

Here’s how they stack up:


Like NRO, the bLoyal suite is set to integrate seamlessly with NCR’s in-store solutions allowing retail managers the ability to sell their products online. This planned release will serve NCR Counterpoint merchants specifically, but integrations with other NCR POS systems may be available upon request.

Manage Inventory in One Place

All inventory, pricing and image adjustments made in your NCR system will be imported directly to bLoyal and reflect on your front-end web store, instantly. Likewise, as customers purchase product online, your NCR system will update to reflect those sales and remove items from your overall inventory.

Single Shelf

NRO users who tapped into NCR’s inventory management solution will find a similar, if not significantly improved way to manage their inventory. Single shelf and advanced omnichannel order processing allows bLoyal merchants to maintain a centralized inventory of products. If they are out of inventory in one location, products will be able to be pulled from another and sent directly to the customer.


Offering both a Magento and WordPress (featuring WooCommerce) version of their software, bLoyal gives merchants looking for a way to smoothly transition out of NRO, a powerful ecommerce and web store alternative.

Magento Loyalty Integration


Retail Online users with existing webstores are free to maintain their current design as they make the transition offers several options for those looking to build webstore including an almost unlimited selection of templated designs or skin-to-match options in which bLoyal will custom skin a new store to look and feel like your existing product or to match the rest of your website.

Other Webstore Features:

  • Built-in homepage slide show
  • Multiple ship-to addresses
  • Email alerts and order status update emails
  • Rich visuals, including image zooms
  • Search suggestions
  • Layered navigation
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Wish lists and product
  • comparison capabilities
  • Category landing pages

PCI & PPI Compliant

Like NCR Retail Online, bLoyal maintains industry standard security, including PCI and PPI compliance. bLoyal is hosted on the Microsoft Azure network, meaning that your data and customer’s personal information is protected by the highest levels of protection.


In addition to an integrated ecommerce replacement for NRO, NCR Retail Online users can now take a giant leap forward with the opportunity to tap into one of the most powerful customer retention products on the market. bLoyal offers access to a wide range of loyalty and rewards features, including:

360 CRM

bLoyal makes it easy to manage customer data, promotions, and analytics from a single online portal. Because the software is cloud-based, you can access your program at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Easy Signup

Merchants can sign new customers up to their loyalty program from anywhere, including at the register, on a website, through social media, and with mobile applications.

Offers & Promotions

Users can build offers and promotions to attract new and shoppers and engage existing ones. Flexible rewards include coupons, spending thresholds, buy one get one, and many more.

Outbound Marketing

Reaching out to program members to let them know about your Let customers know about your programs is easy and includes email, text, and social.

SKU Level Segmentation

One of the most powerful features that bLoyal brings to the NCR merchant is access to SKU Level Segmentation. This feature allows user to segment customers based on their purchase history, for use in marketing and reporting.

Analytics & BI

NCR Retail Online users get a number of upgrades when it comes to reporting on their overall loyalty programs, including custom loyalty dashboards and integration to Microsoft’s Power BI tool.


The bLoyal software comes in four eCommerce friendly “Editions”. All editions feature bLoyal’s core package of solutions including omnichannel signup and marketing, real-time, and cloud based-access:


Core includes basic marketing automation, flexible points, and out-of-the-box reporting.


Advanced offers and promotions, in-flow rewards, dynamic loyalty programs, and programmatic BI.


Adds outbound marketing solutions, purchase history detail, product level benefits, and loyalty dashboards.


Multi-brand partitioning, subscription memberships, custom SLAs, and dedicated infrastructure.

Though bLoyal’s products have specific merchant profiles in mind, each is infinitely scalable – meaning that smaller NCR Retail Online merchants can go big, and enterprise level merchants can start small.


bLoyal offers several tiers of award winning customer support options including enterprise level custom SLAs, guaranteed two hour ticket response time, an online library of client tutorials.


The bLoyal integration will will start at $999 with monthly pricing to match selected Edition and added services.


The bLoyal alternative for NCR’s Retail Online product is slated to ship in late August of 2017. Pre-Register for a demo below and we’ll get back to you, shortly.

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