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Travel & Hospitality Loyalty & Rewards Solutions

Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is expanding every single year, and while that growth is an economic boost, it also creates tougher competition for customer loyalty. This is an industry that is accustomed to changing customer demands and expectations, as every new generation brings new challenges. Although the industry customer base has more than doubled in the last two decades – gaining loyal customers requires a deep understanding of who they are and what makes them feel valued.

bLoyal allows guests to checkin and take advantage of your brands loyalty and rewards program benefits anywhere in the world.

bLoyal’s system for the travel and hospitality industry puts powerful reporting tools at your fingertips for understanding your customers and launching data-driven loyalty programs and marketing strategies. With flexible rewards program options, you can create custom, multi-level loyalty programs, and our outbound marketing tools enable automated, personal customer engagements.

Travel and Hospitality Editions

Our system is available in five “editions,” with out-of-the-box solutions for travel and hospitality businesses of all sizes. bLoyal is completely scalable and works seamlessly during customer interactions, giving your employees real-time data for enhanced customer experiences and instant rewards.

As a bLoyal customer, you’ll have access to our 360 CRM, which provides a cohesive customer profile view, including preferences, transaction history, significant dates, rewards balances, and more.

  • Build your loyal customer base through quick signup at the POS, online, via social media, and through text-to-join options
  • Automated┬ápersonalized welcome messages engage new rewards program members right away, and they can manage their customer profiles online to check balances, update information, and see how close they are to earning their next reward
  • Use built-in marketing tools to send email newsletters and offer promotions, or invite your members to complete surveys about their experiences with your business
  • bLoyal users can create a custom dashboard for quick views of what matters most based on their role, from instant marketing or loyalty insights, to transactional data overviews
  • Gain a deeper perspective with detailed reports, including more than 70 standard reports out of the box and customizable reporting with scheduling options
  • Motivate your customers by understanding them better and offering customized rewards based on segmented markets
  • Integrations with your website enable omnichannel loyalty, so they’ll feel valued and welcome no matter where your customer transactions occur
  • bLoyal is PCI compliant and Microsoft Azure hosted, so you’ll have complete peace of mind that your transactions and customer data are secure

Travel and Hospitality Types

  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Wineries
  • Hotels & Lodging
  • Theme Parks
  • Event Services
  • Souvenir Shops
  • Airlines
  • Travel Agencies
  • Transportation Providers
  • Leisure Centers

Our loyalty and rewards programs for the travel and hospitality industry are unparalleled both in flexibility and ability to provide actionable insights for rewarding your most valuable customers in ways that truly matter to them.

bLoyal offers out-of-the-box integrations with many popular travel and hospitality point of sale systems, and custom integrations for most others, so you can manage all of your transactions and loyalty data directly from your POS without investing in new hardware.

Check out our integrations pages for more information, or call today to schedule a bLoyal demonstration and learn more about how our travel and hospitality loyalty programs can help you get more return customers while offering enhanced customer experiences.

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