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Small and Medium Sized Business

Loyalty Program Solutions for SMB Organizations

As the manager or marketer of an SMB, we know you wear a lot of hats. Most likely you’re involved in every aspect of business operations in some way, including marketing. Marketing your business can be a challenge, especially if you’re like most small business owners and don’t have a lot of time on your hands. It can also get expensive. On average, it can cost between six and seven times as much to attract new customers than it does to retain existing customers, which means that customer loyalty is a top priority for small businesses.

bLoyal helps SMB’s get more for their marketing dollar by building integrated tools to help manage and market to their customer base.

Customer experiences and customer loyalty to your SMB go hand in hand. If your customers feel like you’re truly listening and care about their experiences, they’re much more likely to keep coming back and to spread the word about how great you are. Loyal customers spend more per transaction and buy more frequently, resulting in a much higher customer lifetime value.

bLoyal’s integrated loyalty system helps SMB organizations intuitively reward their most valuable customers and inspire customer loyalty. Our loyalty system gives you the tools to take full advantage of the business potential you already have, and the ability to gain new loyal customers with every transaction.

Small Business Features

We know loyalty is not “one size fits all.” Small businesses need loyalty program solutions that scale to fit their individual needs, which is why we offer bLoyal software in four “editions,” each of which is completely scalable for your size, any number of locations, and the resources you can commit to your marketing and loyalty programs.

Here are some of the great features bLoyal has to offer for small businesses:

  • Simple sign-up options make it easy to grow your loyal customer base. You can add new members from the point of sale during transactions, through your website, automatically during online transactions if you sell online, through social media, and even text messages
  • Offer sign-up incentives to new members and start building stronger customer relationships right out of the box
  • Automated messages and flexible engagement options make it easy to stay in touch with your most valuable clients and keep your business at the top of their list
  • bLoyal’s 360 CRM gives you complete customer profile views through a secure web interface that includes organized customer information, master member profiles, customer lists, groups, and more
  • You’ll no longer need a separate system for mailing lists because you can create segmented member lists within bLoyal
  • Use bLoyal’s built-in tools to send out marketing emails, promotions, invitations, newsletters, business updates, social media posts, electronic coupons, and surveys to your members
  • You’ll have plenty of small business loyalty program options, from electronic punch card-like loyalty programs to tiered rewards, frequent buyer programs, and many other formats that can be customized for your business needs
  • Our intuitive, customizable dashboards and reports give you valuable information for planning your next promotions and taking your business to the next level

Small Business Types

  • Boutiques
  • Cafes
  • Gift Shops
  • Pet Stores
  • Locally-owned and Family-owned Businesses
  • Startups
  • Convenience Stores
  • Stationery Stores
  • Wine Shops
  • Bakeries

With bLoyal’s system, you can say goodbye to paper punch cards and awkward greetings. Instead, you’ll make your small business customers feel recognized, valued, and rewarded.

Schedule a demonstration today, or call us to learn more about bLoyal’s loyalty program options for small business success.

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