Shopify Loyalty Integration

Shopify Loyalty & Rewards Integration

Shopify is one of the most rapidly growing small business content management systems on the market. This unique ecommerce solution allows users to create a beautifully designed online marketplace without knowing a single line of code. Once merchants have launched their store however, it’s time to start driving traffic.

bLoyal’s Shopify integration helps you attract, engage, and understand visitors by allowing you to create omnichannel loyalty marketing campaigns that grow average order and customer lifetime value as well as scale your consumer relationships with ease.

Once integrated, using bLoyal is easy. The software runs in the background of your new or existing Shopify website and utilizes the webstore’s existing UI to engage shoppers with various promotions and other calls to action.

The Shopify Integration from bLoyal helps online businesses better understand and talk to their customers.

bLoyal software allows you to easily onboard website visitors, surface promotions, and capture important customer data, like identifying information and purchase history, directly within your site’s normal checkout flow.

Once onboarded, bLoyal merchants have instant access to their customers demographic and purchase history data, meaning that you can begin to better understand who your customers are and what they’re looking for.

Shopify Features

  • Manage your entire loyalty program, including customer records, offers, segmentation, analytics, and more, with our intuitive loyalty based CRM
  • Better understand how your loyalty programs are driving the bottom line with cloud-based access to your data, from anywhere in the world
  • Use product level segmentation to target users by what they’ve recently purchased and get greater return on your marketing efforts
  • Build frequent buyer programs that reward customers shopping frequency with point, loyalty dollars, and other custom rewards
  • Create multi-dimensional campaigns focused on departments, product categories, or individual SKU’s. Exclude loss leaders and other high value merchandise with ease
  • Promote your offers with outbound marketing campaigns, including email and text
  • Capture additional sales with loyalty enabled and branded digital gift cards.
  • Build subscription and club based programs that engage your customers on a regular basis.
  • Offer real-time features like automated welcome emails and instant rewards, on signup
  • Get over 70 out-of-the-box reports that detail how your customers are shopping and which campaigns are driving the strongest return
  • Choose from popular plugins that help amplify the power of your Shopify store, including shipping compliance, order processing, and  text marketing
  • Works with popular accounting software like Quickbooks to help you understand how loyalty programs are effecting your bottom line.


If you have or are thinking about building a Shopify store and are interested in loyalty enabling your web presence, bLoyal can help. For more information, contact our sales team or “Request a Demo” at the top of this page.

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