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NitroSell Loyalty & Rewards Integration

Nitro Sell eCommerce Loyalty Integrations with bLoyal

Nitro Sell is a powerhouse eCommerce platform built for retailers that sell online through multiple distribution channels. NitroSell retailers have made over $1 billion dollars in sales from more than 11 million shoppers worldwide through their independent eCommerce sites, as well as partnerships with popular online shopping hubs like Amazon. Every transaction is managed through a single interface to simplify multi-channel inventory reporting and sales tracking.

Loyalty program integration with bLoyal makes NitroSell an even more powerful tool for managing online sales and building an eCommerce business. Our loyalty system works in-flow of NitroSell transactions, regardless of where they happen and gives you a unified interface for managing programs and promotions.

Attracting online shoppers, and keeping your business at the top of their list, involves implementing and managing key loyalty strategies. Loyalty programs convert one-time buyers, guest shoppers, and even casual browsers into known, repeat customers – increasing your sales and ticket amounts while improving overall customer satisfaction and shopping experiences. Loyalty program data will help you personalize your customer engagement and optimize your marketing mix.

NitroSell is a powerhouse eCommerce platform and bLoyal integration makes Nitro Sell an even more powerful tool for managing online sales and growing your loyal customer base.

Nitro Sell Features

Multiple bLoyal “editions” give Nitro Sell users infinitely scalable loyalty program options that work for every business size and need so you can choose what works best for your budget and internal capabilities. bLoyal’s grid technology enables raw, programmatic access for accounting and back office system integrations, and our highly compliant, fail-safe systems give you complete peace of mind.

  • Automatically enroll members during eCommerce checkout, through incentivized popups on your website, via social media, text message, or manual account creation
  • Automated welcome messages greet new members instantly, and administrators can schedule personalized engagement triggers to reward members at tiered intervals
  • Gift cards are loyalty enabled instantly through card registration, and rewards points or dollar rewards are gift card redeemable
  • Member rewards and coupons are applied automatically during checkout and based on real-time orders and order history
  • Outbound marketing tools let you send enhanced email newsletters and social media posts directly from bLoyal’s system.
  • Send out digital coupons and promotion announcements, or find out directly from your customers what they want through member surveys
  • Track your outbound marketing interactions to see which engagement strategies are getting the most interest
  • Launch promotions based on product categories, individual products, product combinations, and more
  • Offer frequent buyer rewards to your members, and find new revenue opportunities through subscription services and recurring orders
  • Access powerful reporting tools and custom loyalty dashboards for real-time statistics that help you instantly see which incentives are getting the best response from your customer base, and make educated decisions about future promotions

bLoyal and Nitro Sell integration brings you automated customer loyalty solutions that help build your online business, maximize revenue, and nurture relationships with your most valuable customers.

Program benefits, personal engagement, and enhanced customer experiences made possible by the bLoyal system turn anonymous customers into loyal brand advocates. Call today to schedule a bLoyal and Nitro Sell demo, and learn more about how bLoyal can help grow your online business.