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Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Loyalty Program Integration with bLoyal

Microsoft Dynamics delivers a Retail Management System (RMS) designed with the complex needs of multi-store businesses in mind. This powerful system offers centralized data views, advanced security features and the ability to manage every aspect of your business – from inventory control to employee management – all through an interface just as intuitive and familiar as Microsoft Office.

bLoyal brings the same standard of innovation you’ve come to know and trust from Microsoft to customer-centric loyalty. Our tailored loyalty solutions are available in several “editions” which are designed to adapt to any business size and meet changing business requirements.

bLoyal brings the same standard of innovation you’ve come to know and trust from Microsoft to customer-centric loyalty.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Features

Microsoft Dynamics and native bLoyal integration gives you robust tools for launching omnichannel loyalty programs with instant, automated engagement, outbound marketing, and enhanced customer shopping experiences. Members can sign up anywhere and experience loyalty benefits everywhere.

bLoyal is both PCI Compliant and Ship Compliant. Our system is Microsoft Azure hosted with disaster-resistant geo-redundancy, and works directly in-flow of your transactions for a seamless customer loyalty experience.

  • Experience truly unlimited scalability and highly compliant loyalty integration that tracks and rewards consumer behaviors across every channel
  • Enroll new loyalty members quickly at the point of sale, automatically during eCommerce checkout, from website pop-ups, mobile apps, and social media snippets
  • bLoyal offers gift card enabled loyalty program options for businesses of every size, turning every gift card sale into a new relationship-building opportunity
  • Real-time synchronization and transaction flow integrations make sure every store and every point of sale system accurately reflects current inventory, and rewards or gift card balances
  • Launch sales and promotions down to the individual product or SKU level, product category, member group or program tier
  • Schedule custom-branded email newsletters for specific market segments, plan social media engagements, offer both digital coupons, send out surveys or announcements, and easily track engagements
  • Set automated rewards tailored to customer needs, behavior triggers and store locations
  • Provide instant promotions for members across all sales channels – in store at the point of sale, while shopping online, or on a mobile web app
  • Discover new growth opportunities through interval-based recurring order programs and club memberships
  • With advanced order processing and shipping options, you can extend your shelf by offering in-store pickup, cross-store pickups, shipments from the point of sale, and scheduled deliveries to minimize sales losses due to inventory allocations – and this same system can enable multi-store returns
  • Access bLoyal’s Loyalty Director for advanced modules and configuration options, including a 360 degree, master customer profile views for each member

Microsoft Dynamics with bLoyal Integration gives you access to a powerful loyalty engine that tracks and rewards customer behaviors across all devices, enables you to engage your customers wherever they are, and gives you data-driven business insights to maximize the customer lifetime value of your loyal member base.

To learn more about bLoyal and Microsoft Dynamics integrations, and how our omnichannel loyalty system can amplify your loyalty marketing efforts, get in touch today and schedule a one-on-one loyalty demonstration.

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