Magento Loyalty Integration

Magento Loyalty & Rewards Integration

Magento Loyalty

Magento provides one of the most powerful eCommerce solutions on the market with over 250,000 active users and 2,000,000 transactions per day.  Merchants have a broad range of tools available through the platform to help attract and convert new customers. At bLoyal, we know that it can cost up to ten times more to earn a first-time buyer than it does to get more sales from customers who have already shopped in your online marketplace, so we’ve developed a loyalty system for maximizing your customer loyalty potential.

Loyalty enabled marketing tools from bLoyal help you to amplify the power of your Magento based eCommerce solution, by allowing you to recapture past customers, driving both average order and customer lifetime values.

Magento is already powerful, but with bLoyal integration you’ll have the tools you need for taking your business to the next level.

Magento Features

bLoyal offers four different out-of-the-box “editions” of its powerful software, each built to fit your specific size and marketing needs; from small business owners to enterprise level organizations. Our loyalty engine runs “in-flow” with your Magento checkout, creating a seamless purchase experience.

Once your bLoyal software is connected, you’ll have full access to the full bLoyal 360 CRM, through which you can begin building, monitoring, marketing loyalty campaigns.

  • Build loyalty program membership through Magento’s onsite UI, including popups, checkout options, or automatically, upon account creation.
  • Begin driving revenue with frequent buyer programs or upgrade to more advanced “editions” to build more complex promotions including rewards on total order value, date ranges, SKU level purchases, and more
  • Apply discounts, promotions, and coupons automatically and in real time, based on order history, simply by signing in to their account
  • Combine powerful outbound marketing tools like email marketing, social media “announcements”, and more, with your newly build loyalty campaigns to let members know when they can get the best deals
  • Segment future loyalty offers and marketing by demographic, purchase history, and product combinations. Push bLoyal to the limit with powerful dynamic segmentation available on our Director and Executive Editions
  • Magento users can analyze the success of their loyalty enabled marketing programs and campaigns through fully customizable, real-time dashboards that tell you which offers and promotions are working the best for you
  • Run reports and market with dynamic segmentation tools that allow you to group customers through static demographics

bLoyal’s loyalty and rewards integration for Magento makes building your loyal fan base both simple and intuitive. You’ll increase the lifetime value of each and every customer, and inspire them to keep coming back to your online marketplace again and again. Get Started with an integrated bLoyal / Magento demo today.


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