Loyalty Accounting Plugin

Accounting Loyalty & Reward Plugin

Loyalty & Rewards Accounting Plugin

Understanding how your loyalty program is driving the bottom line is a critical part of your success. Loyalty analytics and business intelligence dashboards will get you part of the way there. The accounting plugin offers bLoyal users a way to see hard numbers, by exporting loyalty sales figures directly from bLoyal’s 360 CRM to their accounting software of choice (or ERP), easily and automatically.

Once completed, users will be able to see general ledger entries, shipping charges, tax, tips, gift cards balances, discounts, and recurring billing directly in their existing accounting software.

The accounting plugin works with many of the most popular account platforms. If you don’t see your software here, it is still very likely that the accounting plugin will work for your business, via a CSV file export. Please contact our support team with questions.

How it works

Setup is simple and involves the use of merge tags to match bLoyal’s output to existing line items in your business’ chart of accounts. Data can be separated by department or category, so that you understand where your program is having the biggest impact.

Exporting Accounting Data from bLoyal

Once setup is complete, exporting your loyalty program data simply requires opening bLoyal’s Director interface and picking your file type and date range. Press “Save” and your download will begin.

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Available file types include:

  • Quick Books – .iif
  • Comma Separated Values – .csv
  • Extensible Markup Language – .xml


Import bLoyal data to your Accounting System

Procedures for importing bLoyal data will vary widely, depending on your platform. Please find linked instructions on how to import CSV based records to the most popular accounting and ERP software, below:

If you have questions about the accounting plugin for bLoyal, please contact us and we’d be happy to help get you started.

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