Korona Loyalty and Rewards Integration

Advanced Loyalty and Membership Management Integration from KORONA and bLoyal

The KORONA point of sale system is widely used by both single-store and multi-store retailers, wineries, museums, and specialty retailers. KORONA has developed specialized versions of their POS system for each specific vertical, giving business owners exactly what they need for streamlined point of sale operations. The KORONA system is available for several devices, including back office computers, traditional point of sale hardware, and tablets.

KORONA’s versatility is enhanced with bLoyal integration, which creates a unified environment for managing business processes, inspiring customer loyalty, enabling advanced order processing, and overall business growth. The return on investment for loyalty programs for a 10 store retailer is an average of 150% the first year, with a payback period of fewer than 6 months.

bLoyal empowers you and your staff with the ability to provide enriched customer experiences, direct customer engagement, and instant rewards to loyalty program members. Real-time loyalty means your customers can receive valuable benefits with every transaction, not only after they’ve left the store.


Our Pro and Marketer editions are fully integrated with WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify! Attract, engage, and understand, your customers with omnichannel loyalty marketing.


Synched communication between your POS and bLoyal gives you the power to sync sales history across checkouts, award instant benefits, and modify your loyalty program, all at the drop of a hat. No additional hardware required.


Once shoppers are onboarded, you have 360º ability to personalize your program with the right offer, at the right time, with the right message through our powerful cloud-based loyalty enabled marketing platform.


Once integrated, you’ll have access to an unrivaled set of loyalty program management tools that will help achieve your business goals. These include:

Omnichannel Single Master Customer Record

  • Integrate your Korona POS with ecommerce systems like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento
  • Customers can easily join your programs online or in-store
  • Ensure a single master customer record with all their information, purchase history and communications in one place

Clubs & Membership Management

  • Manage your club program features, including membership benefits, expirations, automated billing, and reporting
  • Offer frequent buyer incentives or flexible rewards, coupons, and benefits in real time
  • Enable responsive, personalized communications based on a member’s actions and purchasing history

Powerful Promotions

  • Increase your average ticket with promotions targeted to specific customer segments
  • Order level and SKU specific promotions like volume discounts, BOGO & GWP
  • Cross-sale and up-sale capabilities
  • Frequent buyer programs over multiple purchases

Flexible Loyalty Programs

  • Retain customers and bring them back for their next purchase
  • Accruals on total purchases & product bonus points.
  • Automated points conversions to promotions or awarded coupons
  • Configurable points expirations to create urgency

Automated Subscriptions & Recurring Order Management

  • Create new recurring revenue streams
  • Pre-paid or recurring billing subscriptions to let your customers access unique customer benefits
  • Standard or custom recurring orders for products that can be shipped or picked up in-store

Real-Time Lifecycle Engagement

  • Engage with your customers via email and text messages to grow your programs
  • Dynamic segments to automatically engage with your customers throughout their lifecycle
  • Personalized messages from signup and first purchase to lapsing customers to drive specific customer behavior.


This integration is ideal for anyone who would like to start building loyal customers using a Korona  POS. Our integration works for any business or organization using Korona as their primary checkout solution, it´s popular among the following business types:

  • Liquor Stores
  • Museums
  • Grocery / Markets
  • Wineries
  • Non-Profit Retailers
  • Pet Stores
  • Pharmacy & Drug Stores
  • Book Stores
  • Hobby Stores
  • Manufacturers
  • Department Stores

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