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Financial Loyalty & Rewards Solutions

Financial Services Industry Loyalty Programs with bLoyal

Your valuable financial services customers trust you with their most important assets and life decisions, yet 65% of customers don’t think banks do a very good job of encouraging customer loyalty, and 70% don’t feel that they are receiving a personalized experience. Customer retention is usually much less costly than gaining new customers, so investing in customer loyalty programs should be a priority for financial industry businesses. The return on investment can be significant, even within the first six months.

Loyalty programs for financial services providers help drive retention and let customers know that their business is valued.

Building stronger relationships with your existing and prior clients, while still working to attract new clients, doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or difficult process. bLoyal offers a financial loyalty system with advanced customer loyalty and marketing tools that make it easier to better understand your customers and engage them in personalized ways.

Financial loyalty programs aren’t just limited to cash rewards. bLoyal’s system is flexible and allows you to create custom programs that truly work with, and for, your business – like redeemable points-based incentives, merchandise promotions, and exclusive member offers.

Financial Services Features

Also, since bLoyal’s loyalty software is available in five different “editions,” you can choose the one that’s right for you. Our loyalty system is 100% scalable and customizable for both large and small financial service businesses.

  • bLoyal’s omnichannel approach means your loyalty members will feel valued and rewarded at every touchpoint, both on and offline
  • Enrolling new members is simple, you can sign them up during transactions at a brick at mortar location, or they can join simply by sending a text message, during online transactions automatically, or sign up from your website or social media
  • Entice new members to join with special membership offers that are available right out of the box to get your financial loyalty program going quickly
  • Understand your customers better with customizable dashboards and bLoyal reports, which give you detailed, actionable, customer-centric data for planning programs and promotions
  • bLoyal’s built-in customer relationship management platform (CRM) creates a master profile for each of your customers so that you can view customer history, rewards balances, preferences, and more
  • Our system is PCI Compliant, which means website integrations are secure and trustworthy
  • Members can sign in and access their loyalty program data and rewards balances either online or through mobile web apps
  • The bLoyal system and outbound messages are all completely customizable with your logo, so your brand is always the focal point
  • Use our integrated outbound marketing tools to send out regular e-newsletters, offers and promotions, customer satisfaction surveys, announcements, and more, which are all personalized for your individual customers
  • Marketing segmentation tools let you target customer promotions and program incentives precisely based on their needs

Financial Services Types

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Money Transfer Services
  • Accountants
  • Tax Services
  • Financial Advisors
  • Investment Services
  • Equity Research Providers

bLoyal’s system for financial loyalty programs will help you build a deeper sense of customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing your customer lifetime value and retention rates.

Our software integrates with most financial service point of sale systems, and we also offer custom integrations. Call today to schedule a bLoyal demonstration for your business.

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