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As an enterprise-level business, you understand the value of customer loyalty, but do you have the right tools for understanding your customers and inspiring that loyalty? Enterprise businesses need advanced loyalty solutions that are customizable, secure, and function seamlessly up to a global scale, without sacrificing flexibility or customer-centricity.

bLoyal’s enterprise loyalty systems were designed with your needs in mind. We offer multi-faceted loyalty and marketing tools that work with your existing point of sale system hardware and software – through both native and custom integration. Our enterprise-level system was built for multisite applications, and large volumes of traffic and transactions.

Our systems are hosted on Microsoft Azure and designed to be agile and highly compliant. We offer truly unlimited scalability and three-tier, failsafe architecture so we’re disaster-resistant, always on and incredibly fast.

Enterprise businesses need advanced loyalty solutions that are customizable, secure, and function seamlessly up to a global scale, without sacrificing flexibility or customer-centricity.

Enterprise Features

bLoyal’s rich technology enhances lifetime customer value at every touchpoint. Our loyalty system is completely customizable, so you can implement a loyalty program that truly works for and with your business. bLoyal is available in four program “editions” to provide scalable options for every business size.

Here are some of the features bLoyal offers enterprise-level businesses:

  • Add new members quickly and with as much or as little information as you want. New members can be added in transaction flow at the POS, during special events with QuickLink, from your website, Facebook and other social media sites, or from phones and tablets
  • Our robust loyalty engine offers turn-key solutions to get your program up and running quickly, with sign-up incentives and endless configuration options to create campaigns that are as unique as your business
  • Create points programs, dollar programs, dividend rewards, program tiers, specific product rewards, buy-one-get-one promos, volume discounts, program product exclusives, subscription order programs, social campaign conversions, and more
  • Every gift card you sell can be registered, loyalty enabled, and redeemed online and in store, so your gift card becomes your loyalty card
  • Extend your shelf with synchronized inventory across all locations, and multi-store order processing and returns. Your customers can order online, on the phone, or in-store, and schedule pickup at a store location or have their order shipped
  • Offer recurring product programs and subscriptions, or process monthly membership fees You’ll never need to manage multiple databases again for emails and marketing campaigns. bLoyal has built-in marketing tools for sending out segmented, bulk-messages to your members, including surveys, announcements, promos, trackable coupons, and more
  • Members can log in to check rewards and gift card balances in real time, retrieve digital receipts, and enjoy an enhanced checkout experience
  • Every enterprise admin user has access to a customizable user dashboard, so each user can configure instant views of what matters most
  • Custom and default reports offer deep analytics on program successes, customer behaviors, and inventory, helping business managers make informed decisions

Enterprise Types

bLoyal empowers your enterprise to immediately recognize members, engage them directly, and provide instant rewards. Real-time loyalty enriches your customer interactions with personalized promotions, right down to the product level, on your web-store or at the point of sale.

Get in touch today to learn more about bLoyal’s scalable, enterprise level loyalty solutions and schedule a demonstration.

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