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Dinerware POS System with Restaurant Loyalty Integration from bLoyal

Heartland’s Dinerware POS software offers a highly flexible platform to restaurant owners looking for a fully customizable point of sale system that was designed to be intuitive without sacrificing power or reliability. Dinerware POS users need feature-rich loyalty program options that complement the modern approach and mobility of this advanced POS system. bLoyal integration with Dinerware POS offers just that – powerful restaurant loyalty programs and member rewards that are as unique as your business.

Say goodbye to manually collecting email addresses, and managing paper coupons and gift cards. With bLoyal integration, every gift card sale is a new loyalty opportunity. Gift cards can be registered online or via a mobile web app, and both gift cards and digital coupons can be redeemed in store or when ordering online.

bLoyal integration with Dinerware POS offers powerful restaurant loyalty programs and member rewards that are as unique as your business.

Restaurant loyalty programs are a proven way to increase return visits, boost sales, and maximize the lifetime value of customers while offering enhanced customer service experiences. Turn anonymous customers into regular diners with membership incentives and cross-channel loyalty program enrollment opportunities.

Members can enroll online, via text message, or at the point of sale, and automated welcome messages greet new members instantly. Member contact information can be entered during the transaction flow, enabling digital receipts, newsletter signups, and the potential for lifelong customer relationships with every purchase.

bLoyal and Dinerware POS integration is a powerful combination, offering robust loyalty-building features and targeted marketing tools. Our five-tiered “editions” approach provides scalable solutions for every business size – from small cafés to multi-location establishments and enterprise level operations. We meet you right where you are, and help take your restaurant or cafe to the next level.

Dinerware specific Features

  • Loyalty enable every pick-up order and online order through automatic customer enrollment, so you can quickly view a customer’s prior orders and preferences directly from Dinerware POS
  • Add new loyalty members with as much or as little information as you have available – a phone number or an email address can get you started
  • Empower your staff to create memorable dining experiences and give loyal customers the recognition they deserve, every single time they visit your restaurant or cafe
  • Create coupons, discount rules, birthday or anniversary offers, loyalty point accruals and tiered membership levels to encourage repeat visits
  • Inventory management integration and menu item synchronization keeps you and your staff informed when it matters most, even across multiple locations or point of sale devices
  • Strengthen your outbound marketing campaigns with email newsletters, targeted social media offers, and personalized messages to your most loyal rewards program members
  • View complete customer profiles, analyze member base purchasing trends, and gain helpful business and marketing insights through bLoyal’s customizable admin dashboards and reporting options, to help you grow your loyal customer base

Dinnerware POS and bLoyal integration will help you maximize your revenue potential, reward your loyal customers, and make smart marketing decisions.

Get in touch today and schedule a bLoyal and Dinerware POS demo, and to learn more about how restaurant loyalty programs can boost your business.

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