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Loyalty Software for Agencies & Consultants

bLoyal works directly with marketing agencies and consultants to help you deliver best-in-breed omnichannel loyalty and direct-to-consumer marketing solutions. Help your clients drive customer lifetime value with bLoyal and be a hero on your next project.

Processing over one hundred and thirty million loyalty based transactions, per month, bLoyal is one of the most powerful secrets in your agency tool chest. Our software helps organizations in virtually every industry and business size generate up to 60% lift in consumer retention with customer loyalty and rewards programs.

Partner Types

  • Web Design & Development Agencies
  • Merchandising Specialists
  • Retail Marketing Consultants
  • Payment Processors
  • Consumer Packaged Google Consultants
  • Financial Institutions
  • Direct-to-Consumer Marketers
  • eCommerce Management Agencies

…and many more.

How Our Software Works

bLoyal offers an integrated customer retention solution for businesses looking to build average order and customer lifetime value through loyalty marketing. Once integrated, the bLoyal functionality surfaces natively in your website, point of sale, and branded applications, making it easy to use for both customers and employees.

As a bLoyal user, you client’s will have access to a host of loyalty marketing tools, including, but not limited to omnichannel signup, outbound marketing, offers and promotions, SKU level segmentation, and loyalty dashboards.

The backbone of the bLoyal solutions is a comprehensive loyalty based CRM where users can go to understand who their shoppers are, their purchase history, which offers and promotions they’ve taken advantage of, and much more.

What’s Inside?

bLoyal offers four infinitely scalable editions, so that smaller clients can go big and big clients can start small. This enables agencies and consultants to deliver a solution that fits their client’s unique business model and resources.

Just some of bLoyal’s over 250 independent features include:

  • Points and Loyalty Dollars Programs
  • Custom Clubs and Subscriptions
  • Recurring Billing
  • Loyalty Enabled Gift Cards
  • Frequent Buyer Programs
  • Loyalty Dashboards
  • Advanced Omnichannel Order Processing
  • Mobile Responsive Account Tools
  • Cloud Based Access from Anywhere
  • Multi-Brand Partitioning
  • Multiple Location Models
  • Plugins for Power BI, Mail Chimp, and more


Why Is Omnichannel Loyalty Important to My Clients?

The retail landscape has changed. It’s no longer ‘enough’ to have a mobile optimized website or brick and mortar based customer retention strategy. Customers are expecting to do business with your client’s over more platforms, channels, and devices than ever before. What’s more, they expect seamless integration of their personal data, across all of them.

bLoyal software solutions help solve the problem of connecting shopper’s purchase history and behavior over all the places you do business. This drives a deeper understanding of how shoppers are engaging their brand and gives them the data to back it up.

Can I sell it?

The demand for omnichannel loyalty and direct to consumer marketing solutions has never been higher. As the recent downturn in brick and mortar retail has shown, shoppers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the idea of interacting with your client’s brand, remotely over more traditional in-store shopping experiences.

In turn, the omnichannel consumer loyalty space has seen explosive growth over the last five years, correlating with the capability to deliver experiences that engage your clients over an expansive list of channels, platforms, and devices.

How Does It Benefit Me?

As a bLoyal partner agency or consultant, you will earn generous benefits, including commission on your client’s initial activation and access to our lifetime revenue sharing model.  It’s not just about signing new client’s up however. bLoyal can help expand the profitability of your current customer base. With new Editions, plugins, and integrations being added monthly, the possibilities are endless.

How Much Effort is Involved for our Agency?

It’s very easy to get started as a partner agency or consultant with bLoyal. In short, we become part of your virtual team. You simply qualify the lead and we pick it up from there. The bLoyal consulting and development teams can interface with you (for white label applications), or directly with your client.

We provide ongoing customer support, consulting, and managed services solutions.

Get Started

If you’re Looking for a more detailed information about how bLoyal works, including technical specifications, please visit our FAQ’s page. bLoyal currently maintains 13 ‘out-of-the-box’ and custom integrations are available on a case by case basis.

bLoyal helps agencies, consultants, and other SaaS resellers deliver customer lifetime value to client organizations with ease. Please contact our partner team with any questions. If you’re interested in a live demo of our software, please click the “Request a Demo” button above and one of our team will be back to you shortly.

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