Loyalty & Rewards

bLoyal’s solutions are designed for ultimate scalability and loyalty marketing flexibility. We’ve developed a platform that is customer-centric, forward-thinking, and adaptable to the unique demands of your business.

The bLoyal platform was created with one mission in mind – to be the most powerful consumer loyalty solution on the planet. We want to help businesses easily and automatically build customer lifetime value by leveraging technology to serve value added benefits, over any platform, at any time, with anything, and for any reason.

Robert Carney - CEO

Loyalty marketing for your small to mid-sized business has never been more intuitive or flexible. bLoyal’s loyalty and rewards system helps you take your business to the next level.
bLoyal’s enterprise solutions are fully integrated and infinitely scalable. We deliver loyalty marketing tools and insights to businesses with any number of store and warehouse locations.
Bring the power of custom loyalty to your point of sale system clients. bLoyal’s software is completely white-labeled and readily integrates with many point of sale systems out of the box.
Cloud Based Loyalty Solutions

Cloud Based

With bLoyal’s secure, cloud-based loyalty system, you’ll have complete access to your loyalty program data and insights from anywhere in the world. You can monitor program performance, engagements and transactions, or make adjustments in real time.

  • Intuitive and Accessible Interface

  • Real Time Transactions and Loyalty Data

  • Adaptive and Grows With Your Business

  • PCI and PPI Compliance Settings


Industry Leading Solutions

Part of building the most powerful loyalty solution on the market is that even our most lightweight editions pick up where other loyalty software solutions end. Out-of-the-box features included on every Edition of bLoyal were meant to provide each customer with a full suite of tools to help keep your most valuable customers coming back for more.

Omni Channel

Engage your members across every channel. Omnichannel loyalty reaches your customers where they are – online, in-store, and on mobile devices.


With four out-of-the-box Editions, bLoyal offers unlimited scalability and access for organizations at all stages of growth.

Real Time

bLoyal delivers enhanced loyalty experiences and valuable rewards to your members in real-time, seamlessly within the flow of your transactions.


Dynamic marketing and business intelligence solutions allow you to better attract, engage and understand your loyalty program members.


The bLoyal platform integrates directly with your existing checkout solutions, enabling in-flow transactions down to the SKU level.

Tender Neutral

bLoyal offers multi-tender and tender neutral support on our PCI compliant system, so you can reward your best customers no matter how they pay.


By Industry


We used to have an idea who our best customers were because we’d see them often in the store, but using bLoyal, we can identify people we may not have noticed and can make sure someone recognizes them when they visit to say thank you and point out new items they might be interested in.

Adrian Taylor - Owner

SKU Level Segmentation Solutions


bLoyal’s SKU-level dynamic segmentation puts the power of personal marketing in your hands with deeply personal engagements and offers that will boost average order value and let your customers know that you value them.

Cross Selling

Increase average order value by cross-promoting products or product variations in combination with each other.

Product Exclusions

Easily ensure that specific items, including product variations, editions, and sizes are excluded from ongoing offer and promotions or frequent buyer programs.


Use bLoyal to move inventory by increasing point values or discounts for specific products and product variations and offering discounts on products purchased in certain combinations or within a specific time frame.

Pre-Integrated Solutions

Don’t see your checkout solution? bLoyal can build it for you. Our loyalty platform is cloud based and can function on any system. Click below for more info on custom integrations.

Global Solutions


bLoyal works with retailers all over the world including loyalty solutions currently active in fifteen countries.

Data Centers

bLoyal operates five global data centers including North America, Western Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore.


bLoyal maintains 24/7 customer support centers, meaning that you can access help at any time, from anywhere.

In Security

bLoyal is globally secure and leverages Microsoft Azure and PCI compliant standards across our platform.

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