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Text Marketing

Text Marketing

Text messaging can be a powerful addition to your loyalty marketing tool set. More than 90% of text messages are opened and read, which gives your business an advantage over other mass-marketing techniques. Text marketing puts your promotions in the hands of your members instantly, no matter where they are.

With bLoyal’s Text Marketing Plugin, you can send personalized messages to loyalty program members that have opted-in to receive text alerts. Messages can be configured in advance to deliver  welcome messages, membership updates, and more.

Text Marketing Plugin Features

Mobile marketing enables instant communication with your customers through the convenience of a text message. Text messaging is quickly becoming the favored form of communication across most marketing demographics, so why not reach your members in the way that’s best for them?

Our Text Marketing Plugin is an easy way to add mobile marketing to your loyalty initiatives to help boost sales, get more return shoppers, and drive customer engagement quickly and conveniently without maintaining a separate text marketing system. Members can opt in or out anytime, and text messaging lists can be segmented based on member preferences, store locations, and demographics.

Also, since an important part of mobile marketing strategy is the ability to track and measure the results of your text campaigns. Our Text Marketing Plugin is fully integrated with bLoyal’s loyalty system so you can track member engagements in real time and see which promotions are working best for your business.

Available Now!

  • Text-to-Join Signup
  • Automated Welcome Messages
  • Transactional Coupon Award Notifications

Coming Soon!

Please Note: Text marketing is a federally regulated service. bLoyal customers wishing to engage in bulk text marketing must first obtain a text marketing short code. Competitively priced short codes are available through your sales person and are priced according to industry standard.

  • Text Marketing Automation
  • Bulk Text Marketing
  • Transactional Texts
  • Opt-in and Opt-out codes
  • Offers with Digital Coupons
  • Balance updates
  • Text-to-win promotional contests
  • Event Invitations
  • Segmented Messaging Lists

Get in touch to learn more about the Text Marking Plugin and how text-based marketing can supplement your overall loyalty marketing strategy.

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