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bLoyal’s Loyalty App Plugin

With millions of people using smartphones and tablet devices every day, if you don’t have an app you’re definitely missing out. That’s why we’ve built one for you. bLoyal’s loyalty app is white labeled, so it’s designed in a way that matches your branding. Through our Loyalty App Plugin, your members will have a convenient location for checking their balances on the go and getting updates on your latest loyalty promotions.

Loyalty Balances and Membership Information

Our customized Loyalty App Plugin gives your members 24/7 access to reward points or dollar balances, gift card balances, and reward redemption options, all from the convenience of their smartphone. If your loyalty and rewards programs are tiered, members can see how many points they need to reach the next membership level, and members can check their redemption or transaction history.

Keeping your member data up to date is important so that you’ll always be able to reach your loyal customers with relevant promotions and discounts. Through our Loyalty App Plugin, your members can update their contact information and preferences. Members can also opt-in to segmented mailing lists or text message marketing based on their individual interests, which helps make sure your engagements are on target.

Loyalty Promotions and Discounts

The Loyalty App Plugin gives your members a central location for receiving promotional notifications and checking for current advertisements and specials. You can reward members based on their points balances, or create sales and loyalty promotions that target your entire customer base, or segmented member lists.

Loyalty App Plugin Features:

  • Secure sign-in
  • Loyalty balances on the go
  • Opt-in and out of marketing segments
  • View digital coupons
  • Get up to date promotions
  • Update contact information
  • Check gift card balances
  • Sales notifications

bLoyal’s Loyalty App Plugin brings mobile loyalty to your members without the hassle of developing your own app. If your business already has an app available, talk with our team about custom integrations. Call today to schedule a demo and learn more about our Loyalty App Plugin.