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Executive Edition

bLoyal Executive Edition

bLoyal’s Executive edition is the most powerful set of loyalty and rewards tools on the market, with innovative features that follow your customers’ individual journeys and give you the power to create distinct and personalized programs. Advanced analytics are built in, so you can continuously measure the effectiveness of your programs and gain meaningful business insights from your member data.

bLoyal Executive Edition users can expect the most powerful loyalty and solutions products available including advanced business intelligence and loyalty program segmentation.

Executive Features

With the Executive edition, your team can create loyalty rewards that customers truly value across every channel. We provide you with the tools for putting comprehensive strategies to work by attracting, engaging, and retaining more repeat shoppers. Detailed segmentation and marketing tools guide you along the way with the ability to target members based on store locations, interests, past purchases, and more.

The Executive Edition will enable you to increase your customer lifetime value while tracking, activating, and engaging your fan base in real time. You’ll be able to see what’s working every step of the way with custom user dashboards that can be configured to show quick campaign metrics based on what is most important for you to monitor.


Executive edition features and benefits:

  • Five “out of the box” customer journeys to engage your members individually during each step of their buying process
  • Dynamic market segmentation based on customer, store, or channel, and apply timeframes to segmentation criteria
  • Quick and easy member signup online, at any point of sale, from mobile devices, and through social media channels
  • Entice members with signup bonuses, and create a unique rewards experience during your new member’s first visit or repeat visits
  • Schedule automated emails and text messages for every member or segmented groups, and to recognize new members, check-ins, specific product purchases, and more
  • Segment engagement based on customer journeys and related triggers
  • Members can earn loyalty dollars or point-based rewards on individual product purchases or total sales
  • Offer rewards and promotions based on complex criteria with “and/or”, “if/then” combinations
  • Award non-transferable coupons based on points conversions, product sales, total sales, and validate coupon redemption limits
  • Award bonus points, loyalty dollars or coupons based on check-ins at the POS, and enable check-in based segmentation
  • Loyalty rewards points can be redeemed on purchases as tender, as product promotions, order promotions, coupons, or gift-card credits
  • Apply flexible sales pricing, order promotions, and frequent buyer promotions based on dollar amounts, percentages, fixed amounts, and cost plus
  • Trigger frequent buyer promotions on total sales and SKU sales
  • Define minimum purchase quantities to qualify for promotions
  • Specify time and date range sales or enable flash sales that apply to all of your members or particular program segments
  • Enable gift card based loyalty programs, including traditional and electronic rechargeable gift cards, and bLoyal integrates with First Data ValueLink Gift Cards
  • Schedule buy one get one (BOGO) product promotions and offer cross-sales or upsell product promos
  • Send outbound marketing emails and texts to all customers or customer segments, and include viral (shareable) coupons. Customers can also opt-in to segmented subscriber groups
  • Offer your customers digital receipts for convenient transactional history
  • The Executive edition will soon offer drip campaigns and event-triggered marketing for helping your customers advance in their buyer’s journey

bLoyal’s Executive edition provides 24-hour support and complete scalability, so when your business size or needs change we’ll be ready. Call us today to schedule an Executive loyalty demonstration.

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