bLoyal Editions

bLoyal is available in four editions, with bundled features for businesses of every size and stage of growth. We’ve designed our Core edition to be lightweight and intuitive, for quickly launching strong, easy-to-adopt consumer loyalty programs. Our most powerful, Executive edition gives larger businesses access to the advanced marketing, segmentation, and business intelligence features that make bLoyal the industry leader in consumer loyalty solutions.

Core Edition
Core users can quickly add new members, build flexible point systems, and automatically administer benefits from their POS or loyalty enabled e-commerce platform. bLoyal “Core" is simple but infinitely scalable. As you work hard to build your customer base, we’ll be there to provide new solutions.
Pro Edition
Take the next step in activating repeat business with loyalty enabled marketing from bLoyal. Like the “Core” edition, our “Pro” solution emphasizes easy, out-of-the-box integration, but introduces you to new outbound marketing tools that allow you to reach out to your fan base proactively.
Marketer Edition
As a marketing professional, you want real-time data about the latest trends, powerful tools to help build on them, and a way to tell the story of your customer’s journey. With bLoyal “Marketer,” we’ve bundled our most requested marketing features into a set of omnichannel solutions that will help you attract, engage, and reward new and returning shoppers.
Executive Edition
As a bLoyal “Executive” user, your team is hard at work building comprehensive strategies to attract, engage, and retain repeat shoppers. Our “Executive” bundle puts the full suite of loyalty enabled marketing tools in your hands, from flexible rewards to highly detailed segmentation.

All Editions

When we created bLoyal, we wanted to build the most complete loyalty solution on the market. That means powerful out-of-the-box functionality, even for our most lightweight products. See how bLoyal is using technology to build better solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries.


bLoyal integrates with most point of sale systems out of the box, and custom loyalty integration is available for additional systems.

Real Time

bLoyal delivers loyalty rewards to your members in real-time, seamlessly within the flow of your native transactions.


Omnichannel marketing reaches your customers where they spend the most time – online, in-store, or on mobile devices.

Tender Neutral

With multi-tender and tender neutral support, the bLoyal system lets you reward your best customers no matter how they pay.



As your organization grows, bLoyal grows with you. Our editions were built for businesses of every size, from family-owned corner stores to multi-brand corporations

Each bLoyal Edition is infinitely scalable, so even the smallest business can take advantage of powerful features, and big businesses can start small and add functionality as needed.

bLoyal Marketing