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bLoyal customers are at the heart of every successful business. This is especially important today and as you plan for the future.

With social distancing or temporary closures, direct-to-consumer businesses are modifying their business model. You need a solid foundation to keep in touch with existing customers and easily add new prospects that want to support your businesses.

If you are looking for an affordable and intuitive loyalty marketing solution, our Core edition was created just for you. This entry-level Edition is easy to manage and includes everything you need for adding new customers as well as engaging and rewarding your most loyal customers, right out of the box.

bLoyal’s Core edition is cloud-based so you can use it stand-alone or integrated with your existing Point of Sale or Ecommerce system for truly easy-to-manage loyalty marketing options. You can instantly reward your best customers, without having to buy a new point of sale system or hardware. bLoyal works smoothly during the sales flow for a smooth customer experience.

bLoyal “Core Edition” users can expect a intuitive, in-flow method for rewarding their most valuable customers for every day purchases.

Gain New Customers Everywhere

New or existing customers can easily signup with your business anywhere they are from any device.

Grow your customer base with:

  • MyRewards Mobile App: An out of the box mobile first loyalty site with your own brand.
  • Text-2-Join: Customers can sign up via text messaging
  • Pont of Sale: You can register new customers directly from you POS system with our bLoyal POS Snippets
  • Your Own Website: Customers can join online by adding our bLoyal Web Snippets to your site
  • Attract new members by offering signup bonus Points or Coupon Awards as instant incentives to join
  • Convert Customers to Ambassadors with your bLoyal Tell-A-Friend Snippet
    Attract new members by offering signup bonus points or coupon awards as instant incentives to join

Lifecycle Engagement with Your Customers

Every customer is unique. They all have their own lifecycle with you from the time they joined to when and how they engage and buy from you. The bLoyal Core Edition allows you to easily configure and automate emails and texts to engage with your customers at the right time. Your Core Edition will do the work on your behalf, so you can focus on other areas to grow your business. This includes:

Automatically engage your customers:

  • Automated welcome emails or text messages greet new members for immediate engagement
  • Many pre-configured lifetime milestones included with your Account for new, recurring or lapsed customers
  • Out-of-the-box emails and texts messages that are easy to personalize

Reward Your Best Customers

With your Core Edition you can build flexible rewards point program and automatically apply benefits from your loyalty enabled Point of Sale or Ecommerce platform. Redeem rewards automatically or via Awarded Coupons to maximize your customers’ lifetime value.

Targeted loyalty accruals and redemptions:

  • Loyalty members can accrue points or loyalty dollars on total sales
  • Targeted rewards with automated or choice redemptions of Points for discounts on purchases
  • Flexible Standard (shareable) and Awarded Coupons to drive specific customer behavior.

The Core edition provides a simple and affordable way to keep your best customers coming back.

Call us today to schedule a demonstration of this edition, and learn more about how loyalty rewards programs can help your business grow.

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