As a bLoyal “Core” user, you’re looking for simple and affordable ways to keep your customers coming back.  Our entry-level platform provides just that; an integrated, out-of-the-box, solution to automatically reward your most loyal fans.

Core users can easily add new members, build flexible point systems, and automatically administer benefits from their POS or loyalty enabled e-commerce platform. bLoyal “Core” is simple but infinitely scalable. As you work hard to build your customer base, we’ll be there to provide new solutions.


Take the next step in activating repeat business with loyalty enabled marketing from bLoyal. Like “Core”, our “Pro” solution emphasizes easy, out-of-the-box integration, but introduces you to new outbound marketing tools and SKU level reporting that allow you to understand and engage your members.

“Pro” users can actively track and market to program participants by targeting members with special offers and information. “Pro” allows you to see which strategies and campaigns are performing the best for your business.


As a marketing professional, you want real-time data about the latest trends, powerful tools to help build on them, and a way to tell the story of your customer’s journey. With bLoyal “Marketer”, we’ve bundled our most requested marketing features into a set of omnichannel solutions that will help you earn, engage, and reward new and returning shoppers.

bLoyal “Marketer” puts the power of a loyalty enable marketing in your hands by allowing you to easily plan, execute, and monitor your campaign’s progress, while easily tracking progress against other programs and campaigns


As a bLoyal “Executive” user, your team is hard at work building comprehensive strategies to attract, engage, and retain repeat shoppers. Our “Executive” bundle puts the full suite of loyalty enabled marketing tools in your hands, from flexible rewards to highly detailed segmentation and marketing.

Increase customer lifetime value and with the ability to track, activate, and engage, your fanbase in real time with highly relevant marketing touchpoints.



“Plugins” help push your bLoyal integrated loyalty solutions to the max by offering powerful add-on functionality. Plugins built are built specifically for the bLoyal platform using open API’s and have been thoroughly tested to ensure proper functionality.

Loyalty App

Get a branded Loyalty app in order to help your customers stay up-to-date.

Order Processing

Pull inventory from anywhere with bLoyal’s advanced order processing.

Ship Compliance

Ensure shipping compliance when using bLoyal to send products.

Text Marketing

Enable signup, balance checking, and more with text marketing.

Account Management

Allow your customers to view account details online.

Power BI

Get deep loyalty insights with bLoyal’s Power BI plugin.

Get Help Managing Your Loyalty Products

Managed Services

bLoyal “Managed Services” help lift the burden of executing  your business’ loyalty and rewards program strategy. Tell us a about your next campaign  and one of our dedicated pro’s will set up its parameters and tracking inside your bLoyal software. Managed services allow you to focus on what you do best while we take on the grunt work.

This is a great option for teams with small to mid size marketing departments that are looking to outsourced partners who can handle the day to day administration of your program’s setup and administration.

Your team will always have access to your business dashboard, including customer data, active campaign parameters and reporting.



Custom Integrations

Cloud Based
Platform Agnostic

bLoyal’s patent pending integration technology makes it easy to integrate bLoyal with any of your systems.  The bLoyal Grid is an integration service that handles many of the challenging problems with system integration by automatically handling change management and dynamic resolution with the bLoyal DRTTM technology to ensure customers and products are resolved correctly.  The Grid provides the following flexible integration methods so you can integrate the way that makes the most sense for your system and expertise:


  1. Web Apis
  2. SQL Database connector – inqueue/outqueue tables.
  3. File exchange  – input/output files
At the POS and on the Web, bLoyal makes it easy to add a snippet of bloyal functionality using bLoyal POS Snippets and bLoyal Web Snippets.   The snippets integrate in such a way as to future proof your integration so that as your program and marketing needs changes and bLoyal add capabilities you do not need to go back and change your integration.


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Loyalty Marketing Experts Consulting

Our team has over twenty years of experience with brands just like yours to more effectively create strategy around, plan, implement, and analyze the effectiveness of your efforts

Looking for help improving or getting your loyalty based marketing programs off the ground? Our team has over twenty years of experience with brands just like yours to more effectively create strategy around, plan, implament, and analyze the effectiveness of your efforts. Our team understands your customer’s path to purchase and since we’re in flow with your bloyal integration, we have a 360 view of all the things that might be affecting it.

Loyalty and reward program consulting from bLoyal gives you access to our incredible pool of resources and over ten year experience in loyalty enabled marketing strategies.

Our consultants will work directly with your in-house or other agency marketing assets to research, build, and deploy your next campaign, from the ground up.

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