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Marketing and Loyalty Segmentation

Member segmentation is a fundamental part of every loyalty rewards program and outbound marketing campaign. bLoyal’s built-in options give you the power to deliver the right rewards to the right customers at the right time. Our system provides static, dynamic , and SKU level dynamic segmentation options to help you make sure your engagements are on target and truly relevant to each of your members.

Members can be added to segmented loyalty lists automatically during signup, based on their demographics or where and how they signed up, as well as being able to opt into segments online. Managers can create segmented loyalty lists manually, or lists can be automatically populated based on user behaviors and more.

Valuing your customer’s time is key to building a succesful loyalty program. Marketing segmentation from bLoyal allows you to send the right message to the right customer’s at the right time.

Static Segmentation

Static segmentation is simple and intuitive within the bLoyal system. Mailing list managers can create member lists based on any criteria, directly within the system and use bLoyal’s outbound marketing tools to send out targeted sales, promotions, announcements, and more. Once created, managers can make changes to static lists manually. Static lists are useful for running short-term campaigns or sending engagements that only apply to a very particular group of people.

Dynamic Segmentation

Dynamic marketing segmentation is an automated grouping of members based on any combination of behaviors and/or demographics. For example, you can configure bLoyal to add every member of a particular demographic who has shopped at a specific store location to a precisely targeted mailing list. Customer history can be automated based on order history, purchase history, and even purchase of an individual product.

SKU Level Dynamic Segmentation

Product or SKU level segmentation is a highly targeted way to reach members based on their past purchases. bLoyal can automatically group customers that buy a particular product or brand into a list that you can use for precision marketing and promotions.

Highly Targeted Loyalty Solutions

With bLoyal’s loyalty and rewards system, customer partitioning is easy. Our solution allows you to create outbound marketing campaigns that will activate and engae your loyalty program members based on products they’re really interested in. You’ll also have access to analytics based on the member segments you provide, so you can quickly report on results and make adjustments as often as you need.

If you’re looking for a powerful loyal marketing solution for your business, call us to schedule a demonstration and learn more about bLoyal’s all of bLoyal’s powerful features.

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