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Offers and Promotions

Loyalty Offers and Promotions

Offers and promotions enhance your loyalty reward programs by offering short term values that generate immediate sales and complement long-term loyalty member rewards. Offers and promotions work to your advantage in many ways. They provoke interest in new products, give members an opportunity to try something different, provide added value to your customers to help encourage loyalty, and ultimately generate more revenue for your business. bLoyal’s loyalty system gives you endless opportunities for offering sales and promotions to members and member segments.

Offers and Promotions from bLoyal allow you to go beyond the punch card by introducing exlusive loyalty program member benefits, scaled to help meet your specific goals.

Gift Card Sales Promotions

Gift card marketing and promotions give you multiple opportunities to gain return customers and repeat sales. If you offer a $5 gift card with a purchase of $25 or more, for example, there’s an excellent chance that customer will either return to use the gift card or give it to someone else. Either way, there’s a 68% chance the returning shopper will spend more than the $5 offered. Also, since bLoyal gift cards are loyalty enabled, every gift card can become a loyalty card, creating a new opportunity for building customer relationships.

Buy One Get One Loyalty Promotions

By one get one (BOGO) loyalty promotions are easy to configure within the bLoyal system, and despite the name, you aren’t limited in what you can offer. Buy-one-get-one promotions can span multiple product categories and use any combination of qualifiers and quantity pairings. For example, offer a “buy two get one 50% off,” promotion, or “buy three and get bonus loyalty points.” With bLoyal’s loyalty system, the combinations are limitless and give you opportunities to create unique offers.

Coupon Loyalty Offers

Digital and print coupons significantly influence customer loyalty, sales, and word of mouth marketing. Customers are much more likely to be loyal to a business that provides coupons and more willing to tell friends about that business, but the coupons need to be relevant to the consumer. bLoyal combines the power of loyalty member segmentation with targeted coupon creation and distribution, so you can create exclusive coupon loyalty offers for your members and distribute them through our built-in outbound marketing tools, or post shareable, viral coupons across your social media accounts.

Offer-Based loyalty

In addition to buy-one-get-one loyalty promotions and coupon-based loyalty incentives, bLoyal’s system lets users create targeted offers based on percentages, dollar amounts, fixed amounts, “cost plus” and much more.

bLoyal’s loyalty sales and promotions tools help you create unique offers that build customer loyalty and provide real value to your loyalty program members. Schedule a demonstration with our loyalty professionals today, and learn more about bLoyal’s custom loyalty sales and promotional incentives.

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