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Frequent Buyer Programs

Frequent Buyer Programs with bLoyal’s Loyalty Software

Building loyalty with frequent buyer programs provides a great way to reward customers for shopping with you often, or for choosing specific products or manufacturers regularly. bLoyal’s loyalty system lets you configure any frequent buyer rewards that you want, in real time and for any reason. With flexible points, coupons, and recurring purchase benefits, you can configure custom programs that provide value to your members instantly while encouraging more return visits.

Frequent Buyer Loyalty Reward Points

Rewarding your customers doesn’t mean you need to give them discounts every single time they shop. Establishing a points reward system provides incentives that add up over time, so your members know that once they reach a certain level of points rewards, they can redeem those points for a valuable rewards experience. You can set thresholds to reward customers for a certain number of visits, spending a set amount of money over time or within a limited period, or award bonus points for specific products or categories. The options are truly limitless.

Frequent buyer programs from bLoyal were designed so that you can reward loyal customers for what you want, when you want, how you want.

Dollar Amount or Cash Back Loyalty Rewards

Launching frequent buyer programs that are based on dollar amounts are effective at increasing both short and long term customer spending. For example, you can offer $10 back on purchases of $150 or more, and provide a dollar reward amount on a gift card, or offer a coupon with a time limit. Dollar loyalty programs sometimes offer shipping credits based on spending caps, dollar amount discounts on future purchases, and more.

Award Programs with Tiers

Offering tiered loyalty rewards programs gives your members goal-based incentives to shop more often. Tiered programs can be implemented based on the number of visits, points value, or how much a customer spends during a period. Each rewards program tier offers new benefits and rewards, with incentives to either maintain that loyalty tier, or reach it again after the related rewards have been redeemed.

Electronic Punch Card Loyalty

Electronic punch cards are a simple way to award members for frequent visits, purchasing a particular product, or choosing items from a certain manufacturer repeatedly. Digital loyalty punch cards can be configured in multiple ways and activated through many member check-in options – from point of sale devices to mobile phones or loyalty gift cards.

Segmented Frequent Buyer Programs

One of the most powerful features of bLoyal’s loyalty software is the ability to segment loyalty members based on anything you want and reward customers based on where they are in the buyer’s journey as an individual. This level of targeting is powerful and personal, and with bLoyal you can offer targeted frequent buyer programs to different market segments based on their interests, demographics, preferred store, or custom channels.

Frequent buyer rewards programs configured through bLoyal’s loyalty software are completely customizable to reach your customers in personal ways to create stronger, longer lasting relationships and boost the lifetime value of your members. Call us today to schedule a bLoyal demo and learn more about the flexibility of bLoyal frequent buyer programs.

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