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Easy Signup for Your Loyalty and Rewards Program

Enrolling new members in your loyalty and rewards programs should be as effortless as possible for both your business and your customers. The days of filling out antiquated paper enrollment forms, or going through a lengthy registration process to take advantage of loyalty rewards, are long gone. bLoyal’s customer loyalty system features a quick and easy signup process and allows members to enroll with as much or as little information as they’re comfortable sharing.

Your customers are moving more quickly than ever. In order to make onboarding as succesful as possible, it was important to us that we understood and built a solution that addressed the way that your customers interact with brands.

Point of Sale Loyalty Program Enrollment

Native POS integration with bLoyal gives you and your employees the ability to enroll new loyalty and rewards program members during regular transactions at your store locations. Your clerks can offer loyalty membership to every customer during checkout, along with instant enrollment incentives, like a discount on their current and/or next purchase, or special coupons.

Loyalty Program Enrollment During Online Transactions

If your customers shop with you online, bLoyal eCommerce integration options can bring the same, effortless loyalty enrollment to online sales. When customers go through the online checkout process, you can prompt them to sign up or automatically enroll them based on information they’ve provided during checkout. If your customers are just browsing, you can still invite them to sign up with a website call to action or a popup that incentivizes signups.

Mobile Customer Loyalty and Rewards Signup

Mobile loyalty program enrollment is available through bLoyal snippets that can integrate with your mobile website, web app, or smartphone applications. bLoyal also offers text-to-join and app-to-join plugins, so your customers can sign up simply by sending a text message to a designated number, or by replying to confirm an enrollment message you send them. Mobile functionality paired with geofencing, available in our more advanced editions, can provide you with the ultimate tool for offering relevant rewards based on where and when your customers shop.

Loyalty Program Signup from Social Media

Promote loyalty program signup through social media by inviting users to join with posts across every social media channel. You can offer shareable, viral coupons that are only available after signup. To take full advantage of social media marketing, add bLoyal’s social media plugin to your marketing toolset to simplify the process of cross-channel posting and promotions.

Create Loyalty Program Segments on User Signup

bLoyal offers member segmentation on signup, so you can create targeted marketing segments based on where your customers sign up, their demographics, product preferences, or custom defined channels. See our loyalty program segmentation page for more details.

If your business is looking for an intuitive, flexible loyalty and rewards system with quick and easy user signup, give us a call today and schedule a demonstration with one of our loyalty professionals.

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