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bLoyal Customer Journeys™

The key to responsive marketing and modern loyalty is engaging your customers during the most critical moments along their journey to purchase. Customer journeys can be complex and involve many touchpoints, but there are common indicators and interactions along the way that give businesses an opportunity to influence customers during their path to purchase and help inspire them to make decisions.

We know it isn’t possible for companies to manually respond to every individual on their journey, so bLoyal created an advanced toolset that automates engagement in a personal and responsive way at recommended touchpoints. Every customer journey is a unique story, and marketing automation can help make your business a more important part of that story.

Programmatic marketing is only as effective as the message it sends. Begin tailoring your programatic strategy with personalized responsive messaging.

Path to Purchase Loyalty

bLoyal’s advanced editions give businesses the ability to trigger relevant, timely responses to customers based on the five most common paths to purchase. You can automate responsive marketing campaigns based on a single customer’s actions, including purchase history, locations, and other business data. Since each engagement is a direct reaction to the individual customer’s behavior, the interactions will feel personal and make a deeper connection between the customer and your brand. Personalized experiences build loyalty much more effectively than a mass-marketing approach.

Automation Loyalty Solutions to Reduce Churn

Automated loyalty from bLoyal gives you the freedom to focus your time and energy on other vital business processes while still retaining a competitive lead, building stronger customer relationships, and reducing churn. Our system can be configured to automatically respond based on custom behavior indicators and analytics, like when a customer has stopped responding, or if your sales in a particular department have dropped. You can send out automated messages and even schedule promotions that are triggered by data.

Customer Journey's InfographicImproving Stickiness with Responsive Marketing

Responsive marketing gives you the power to create a comprehensive customer engagement experience by monitoring the steps a customer goes through along their path to purchase and beyond, and automatically responding with information that is useful and immediately relevant to where they are on that journey. Your customers will feel valued, heard, and inspired to be loyal to your business because of the personalized attention you can give them with marketing automation.

Automated marketing initiatives can be configured as an advanced series of if/then statements, allowing you to create limitless responses to customer engagements or analytical data. bLoyal customer journeys will soon be responsive to Power BI data for the ultimate automated marketing experience.

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