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bLoyal Analytics and Power BI

Learn about your customers’ unique path-to-purchase and see which campaigns are performing the best with powerful analytics, business intelligence, and data visualization tools from bLoyal. Your data tells a unique story, and bLoyal can help you maximize your data storytelling by giving you the tools to take full advantage of the information available and gain new insights for loyalty marketing.

Dynamic Reporting for Loyalty Programs

With a cloud-based custom report builder and more than 70 standard reports available out of the box, you can access your loyalty data exactly how you need it with full customer visibility, at any time and from anywhere in the world. Reports can be scheduled in advance, generated on a recurring basis, or accessed on demand, and OData reporting provides SQL-level access to your loyalty data.

Building real-time customer profiles and buyer personas is critical to your marketing team’s success. Analytics and BI from bLoyal helps you define and utilize loyalty program data to build powerful, targete marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Power BI Integration

Microsoft Power BI is a premier business intelligence platform with powerful tools for gaining even more business insights from your data. Create custom loyalty reports and dashboards within the Microsoft BI Desktop system, and publish them to your bLoyal loyalty dashboards for visualization, or use them on your mobile phone or tablet device with the Power BI app.

Third-party Compatible Reporting

Visualize your loyalty member data the way you want. Import and export capabilities make it easy to use your data with third party systems, such as accounting engines, human resources applications, and warehousing systems. Grid-layer supporting database access gives you a direct link for advanced integrations, with real-time interactions and programmatic access to the raw data collected and stored by the bLoyal system.

Dashboard Loyalty Solution

Every bLoyal administrative user can customize their unique key performance indicator dashboard to quickly see what matters most through charts, graphs, and datasheets. Your team will have the business analytics you need to make smart, data-driven loyalty program decisions at a glance.

Real-Time Business Analytics

bLoyal’s in-depth loyalty analytics give you cloud-based access to important business metrics so that you can monitor loyalty transactions, program progress and return on investments from anywhere. Data is available in real time with detail down the SKU level.

Reporting for loyalty includes sales figures, transaction reports, recurring reports, mailing reports, payment reports, shipping reports, channel reports and much more. You can even schedule recurring email reports to get loyalty and business analytics delivered right to your inbox. Call today to schedule a bLoyal demo and learn more about our analytics, reporting, and Power BI integrations.

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