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360 Loyalty CRM

Loyalty Customer Relationship Management with the bLoyal 360 CRM

The cornerstone of providing a truly effective customer loyalty program is being able to effectively manage your customer relationships through a loyalty based CRM. By fully understanding your customers, what motivates them, and what makes them feel valued, you can develop strong loyalty and rewards programs that are targeted to the needs of your members and go beyond their expectations.

The bLoyal 360 CRM allows our users to add members, create promotions, manage program rules and get detailed insights into which campaigns and strategies work best, all in one place.

bLoyal’s loyalty CRM is your hub for gaining the powerful customer insights that make amplified customer loyalty possible. You can tap into master customer views, sales data, and engagement statistics all in one place.

Loyalty Member Profiles

We’ve named our loyalty program CRM “360 CRM,” because it provides you with 360-degree member views through a single customer profile for each member. Your customers can shop at any store location, on your website, on the phone, or anywhere else you sell, and their transaction history and rewards balances will be linked. Members can log in to update or complete their profiles online, or you can update profiles at the point of sale if member information has changed.

Loyalty Transaction History

Each customer profile includes sales transaction data from all channels in real time, and you can manage order processes, batches, or shipping for your members directly from the loyalty program CRM. If you offer gift cards sales and redemption either in-store, online or both, you can view gift card balances and gift card transactions, all in one place.

Engagement Loyalty Solutions

Loyalty engagement insights give you the knowledge you need for shaping future promotions and making sure you’re on target with both your brand messaging and member value propositions. When you use bLoyal’s outbound marketing tools for loyalty customer engagement through email, text, or social media, you can track engagement metrics down to the member or marketing segment level from CRM dashboards. You’ll be able to quickly determine which outbound marketing techniques are getting the most engagement from your members.

bLoyal’s loyalty and rewards CRM gives you and your team dynamic marketing tools for launching effective loyalty marketing programs that get real results. Contact us to schedule a demo of our CRM loyalty software, and learn more about the robust relationship management solutions bLoyal offers.

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