Features Overview

We’ve set out to create the most feature rich loyalty and rewards solution on the market while keeping it intuitive and easy to use. bLoyal’s system provides more than 250 individual features divided into eight categories for every phase of your customer’s journey.

360 Loyalty CRM Icon

360 Loyalty CRM

View master customer profiles, sales history, transactional data, and real-time engagements with our 360 CRM.

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Omnichannel Signup

Instant signup through your native POS, text, social media, website, or mobile application.

Frequent Buyer Programs

Offer frequent buyer incentives or flexible rewards, coupons, and benefits in real time and for any reason.

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Offers & Promotions

Create product-specific discounts based on purchase combinations, categories, locations, and more.

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Outbound Marketing

Launch exclusive or sharable offers through email, text messages, social blasts and remarketing initiatives.

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SKU Level Segmentation

Static, SKU Level, and dynamic SKU level segmentation help you make the most out of every customer interaction.

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Customer Journeys

Enable responsive, personalized marketing based on a member’s actions, purchase history, or location.

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Loyalty Analytics

View master customer profiles, sales history, transactional data, and real-time engagements with our 360 CRM.


360 Loyalty CRM

Loyalty Features - 360 CRM

Manage your loyalty program features, including members, offers, automation, and reporting from our powerful, yet easy-to-learn loyalty based CRM. bLoyal “360” was designed to help you fully understand your customer’s unique path to purchase.

As your loyalty program grows, “360” grows with you. Should you decide to make changes to your plan, your feature options will simply expand within the interface that you’re already used to.

Easy Signup

The most important aspect of building a successful loyalty marketing program is having the ability to easily onboard new users. bLoyal’s powerful signup features include text to join, e-commerce, application, register based signup, and more. We’ve made onboarding as smooth and user-centric as possible.


Frequent buyer programs from bLoyal help you to  attract, recognize, and automatically reward your most loyal customers with:

  • Flexible Purchase Tokens

  • Points, Values, or Item based Rewards

  • SKU Level Accruals

  • Redeem Points as Gift Card Credits or $

  • Signup Bonuses

  • Cross Sell & Upsell Promotions

Frequent Buyer Features


Give your loyalty program members exclusive access to offers and promotions for their favorite products through.

  • Order & SKU Level Accruals

  • Points, Values, or Item-based Rewards

  • SKU Level Accruals

  • Individually Tailored Promotions

  • Electronic punch-cards

  • Trackable e-Coupons


I first contacted bLoyal looking to replace my business’ existing punch card program. I had no idea what was possible though and have since boosted my sales over 30% with Offers & Promotions

~Dan Tillman, Owner – Larry’s Market


Outbound Marketing

Drive revenue by letting loyalty program member know about your offers and promotions with powerful outbound marketing features like text, email, social media, in-app marketing, and “alerts” at your point of sale.

POS Alerts

Launch profile-based text campaigns to tell your members about products that may be of interest.

Geo Targeting

Let customers know about your offers and promotions online or in-store, through alerts.

Email Blasts

Inform your loyalty club members about current promotions through highly targeted and personalized email.

Push Notifications

Enable in-app and push notifications for your loyalty promotions on qualified mobile applications and devices.



As marketing automation progresses, serving the right message to the right customer at the right time is more important than ever.

Dynamic SKU level segmentation from bLoyal gives you the power to group members according to what, where, when, and how they engaged with your brand and offer highly relevant content that’s more likely to get noticed.

bLoyal Journey's Infographic

Marketing Automation

Programmatic Loyalty Automation

With bLoyal Journeys™, we’ve taken programmatic marketing to the next level. Now businesses can automatically recognize and respond to the most important moments on a customer’s path-to-purchase, based on that individual patterns of behavior.

Unlimited Scalability

Go beyond simple marketing automation by sending dynamically generated messages to as many customer profiles as you can think of, across an unlimited number of unique behavior combinations, in real time.

How It Works

Each “Journey” is programmed directly into your bLoyal software through our 360 CRM, Users first identifying customer profiles that matter the most to them and, through a series of easy-to-learn steps, add instructions about when and how bLoyal should interact with those members.


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Business Intelligence for Every Stage of Growth


Understand and convey what’s driving your loyalty program member’s path-to-purchase with business intelligence analytics features included in every bLoyal edition. Upgrade to our Marketer or Executive editions for fully customizable dashboards, and add our Power BI plugin for rich data visualization and storytelling.

  • Custom Dashboards

  • Dynamic Segmentation

  • Power BI Plugin Availabe

  • Data visualizaion

  • Loyalty program storytelling

  • Third-party compatible reporting

  • Real-time business analytics

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