Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. The bLoyal team has answers. Read through our helpful FAQ for information about the bLoyal platform, including out-of-the-box and custom integrations, features, security, consulting, and more.

How long have you been in business?

bLoyal was founded in 2004 and was previously known as EVT Solutions. We first began offering advanced loyalty solutions under the bLoyal name in 2007, and we’ve worked continuously to bring powerful new loyalty features to our customers. If you’d like to know more about our company and where we’re headed, please visit our “Company” page.

Do you have reports on the success of promotions, my sales, etc?

Absolutely! bLoyal has more than 70 standard reports available out of the box, to give you detailed information on the success of your engagement strategies. You can run reports on everything from top customers and coupon usage to sales by store, and much much more. You can also create custom reports to get your data exactly the way you need it, and schedule regular email reports.

Is it a hosted application?

Yes, bLoyal is a cloud-based SAAS solution that operates on the Microsoft Azure Platform. Our system architecture is multi-tiered and geo-redundant, which means we have advanced systems and standards in place to ensure your loyalty data is always available. bLoyal is a highly secure, highly compliant platform. We make sure your data is safe and disaster resistant.

Do you offer consulting to help me setup and run my program?

Yes, we have a highly experienced loyalty consulting team that is dedicated to helping you optimize your loyalty programs. Our team can assist with every loyalty question or concern from the simple to the complex. We can schedule training sessions for you or your marketing team, and even manage your loyalty programs for you. bLoyal’s consultants are here to facilitate your business’s loyalty program success in any way that you need.

What systems are you integrated with?

bLoyal offers thirteen out of the box integrations, including Magento, Woo Commerce, Clover, Dinerware, DataSym, Korona, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. We’re continually adding new systems, and we offer custom integrations. If your existing checkout solution isn’t listed, please contact us for more information.

Can I limit a staff’s ability to access confidential information?

Yes. bLoyal’s 360 CRM and management hub is customizable so you can easily limit staff access to specific sections and information. Each user can be assigned to a group with defined access abilities, so you can limit administrative rights to the individuals that should have access to your confidential information.

Can you integrate to my POS?

bLoyal offers out-of-the-box integration with many popular point of sale systems, including Magento, DataSym, Clover, Woo Commerce, Korona, NitroSell, Opsuite, RMH, Microsoft Dynamics, LS Retail, and more. We also offer custom integrations with most other POS systems. Contact us for more information about integration with your specific point of sale system.

Is your loyalty module flexible?

Yes, bLoyal offers a highly flexible loyalty system. We support many types of programs, including loyalty points programs, loyalty dollars, frequent buyer programs, electronic punch card replacements, tiered programs, subscription programs, gift-card based loyalty, and much more. Our system gives you powerful tools for building loyalty exactly the way you want.

Will it slow down my transaction speed?

bLoyal operates seamlessly within your transactions, averaging under half a second to provide a discount or a customer award. Our goal is to improve your customer experiences and be an invisible loyalty partner, offering real-time loyalty solutions that feel like a natural part of your customer interactions.

Do you share my customer information with other people?

No. We do not use or disseminate your customer information. Our systems are also PCI Compliant, and we maintain a highly secure infrastructure for the safety and integrity of your customer data.

Can I segment my customers based on purchase history or other indicators and actions?

Yes, bLoyal software is one of the few loyalty and rewards platforms that offers dynamic SKU level segmentation on select integrations. This powerful tool allows you to gather, utilize, and report on deep consumer insights. You can offer personalized engagements at key points along a customer’s journey to purchase, and provide dynamic offers based on specific purchases and behaviors.

Is it hard for staff to use?

No. The bLoyal platform was built with the understanding that our software must be powerful, yet intuitive and easy to learn. While you’ll find a host of features and tools within the software, our front end user interface is lightweight and simple to use.

Can I change my program after I start?

Yes. bLoyal offers five unique editions with increasing levels of functionality. Every edition is infinitely scalable, so if you decide you need more or less functionality, you can switch at any time. Please note that certain bLoyal features require specific connectors or plugins.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we have support available via phone and email. We also have a support portal that contains many videos, resources, and best practices articles. Our team is also available for loyalty consulting and loyalty program management.

Is your system reliable?

Yes, bLoyal operates on the Microsoft Azure platform, the trusted standard for secure hosting worldwide. Our system is multi-tiered and built for disaster resistant geo-redundancy, which means your data is safe even in the event of a natural disaster.

Can you login into the backend of bLoyal from any browser?

Yes. bLoyal is cloud based and supports all major web browsers. You’ll have access to the data you need to run your business and monitor engagements from anywhere you want, and the ability to customize your loyalty programs and incentives directly from the web interface.

By the Numbers

Loyalty Marketing has grown by over 70% in the last five years as busineses learn how great it is. As data and technology converge, we know so much more about how customers behave.

  • 35.03% of women and 32.95% of men would consider other alternatives to their preferred brand or product that offer a better price

  • 56% of consumers said receiving a personalized incentive would improve consideration of the brand

  • 63% of consumers prefer reward based on purchase history, rather than the less popular reference to a purchase location (24%) or use of name (23%)

  • Roughly one third of consumers report that they prefer their thanks in the form of points or miles

Why Do I Need a Loyalty Program?

The goal of loyalty marketing is to build stronger customer relationships and increase the lifetime value of your customers. bLoyal’s software helps you do that by offering truly customized loyalty rewards and experiences that let your customers know they’re valued, and inspire them to come back again and again.

Our system gives you powerful tools for building flexible loyalty programs and advanced reporting so you can monitor program success and make data-driven business decisions that boost customer loyalty.

FAQ (Continued...)

Technical Specifications

Is bLoyal PCI compliant?

Yes.  bLoyal is a certified Payment Card Industry (PCI 3.1) Compliant partner. Our systems are highly secure and highly compliant, with advanced architecture built to protect both your loyalty and transactional data.

How do you secure PII data?

It all starts with a secure platform.  The bLoyal system is built for and hosted on the highly secure and trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform.  bLoyal also utilizes daily scanning and regular vulnerability assessments to maintain National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) federal compliance.  Each company has its own, secure Microsoft SQL Azure Database, and all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.  Only the users you specify will have access to your data and advanced user authentication is available.

Where is bLoyal hosted?

bLoyal is hosted on Microsoft Azure with built-in geo-redundancy, which means your data is stored across multiple Azure regions for disaster resistance.

Who owns my data?

Your data is your data.  We are a private-label loyalty program platform that enables you to launch the loyalty programs you want and make the most of your data, but we do not share your data.  This is a key tenet of bLoyal.  Your data is stored in your own Microsoft SQL Azure database, and if you decide to cancel your services, we’ll provide your data to you as a database backup (SQL).  This is included in our standard subscription agreement.

What platform is bLoyal built on?

bLoyal is built and deployed on the Microsoft Azure platform for ultimate security, flexibility, and disaster-resistant geo-redundancy – so your data is safe, always available, and recoverable even in the event of a natural disaster.

Is there a limit to the number of customers or products I can have in the system?

No. bLoyal is an infinitely scalable system. We have enterprise-level clients with millions of loyalty program members and products that are seamlessly managed across multiple inventory locations.

What's your service SLA?

We strive for near 100% uptime.  For our first-tier services, which includes our Loyalty Engine, Point of Sale Snippets, and Web Snippets, our SLA provides 99.9% uptime. Please see our documentation for full support and SLA options.

How do you handle disaster recovery?

All first-tier bLoyal services have built-in measures to reduce or eliminate downtime. One of the primary benefits of developing on the Microsoft Azure platform is the built-in redundancy of many services.  bLoyal provides additional redundancy by making sure all first-tier services are clustered across geographic regions.  We also conduct annual disaster recovery testing of the bLoyal system and services.

Do you have geographical redundancy?

Yes.  All bLoyal first-tier services have built-in geographical redundancy both within a region and across multiple Microsoft Azure regions for disaster resistance.

Can I access my data?

The bLoyal system offers an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard for gaining insights on your customers and loyalty programs. However, for users wanting to do more analysis of their data or further integrate with internal and back office systems, the bLoyal grid integration service makes it easy to access your data via OData, bLoyal Web APIs, CSV file import/export or database tables.

Do you share my customer data?

No. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not share your data.  Your data is securely hosted in your own Microsoft Azure database, and your information is only accessible by the users you specify.

Award Winning Support

bLoyal offers several tiers of award-winning customer service. All loyalty solutions are provided with access to email support backed by our extensive library of technical resources and answers to frequently asked questions.

The majority of support plans also include phone support and access to live support representatives outside of normal business hours for high priority issues. All clients enjoy at most a two-hour maximum guaranteed first response time on new tickets and our goal is to help answer every question as promptly and completely as possible.

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