Creating a Positive Customer Experience Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

During these unprecedented times, we are no longer able to rely on the in-store customer. The world is changing rapidly, and it is more important than ever to build and maintain customer loyalty. But how can you create a positive experience without customers in your store?

Mobile Responsive Webstore and Cart

Customers everywhere are having to shop online to remain safe and healthy, including those who have always preferred the in-store experience. 

We need to be asking ourselves the important questions:

  • Is our website accessible?
  • Do we have a webstore that is compatible on all devices?
  • Is our webstore linked on all our social channels?

Customers will spend locally if you make it easy to be found and easy to buy.  In fact, many customers prefer to support local businesses.  Reduce roadblocks for your customers by linking your web store to all social channels and make sure you are compatible for checkout on any device.

Give customers the option to order ahead

Do you have customers that don’t feel comfortable shopping in-store due to COVID-19? No problem, you can still earn their business.  Help customers feel safe by allowing them to order ahead through your webstore. 

Loyalty Enabled and Integrated Online Checkout

Do you have a loyalty and rewards program? If not, you may be greatly missing out.  Loyalty and rewards programs are one of the best ways to increase sales and retain customers.

Create incentives for customers to shop with you

If you are a direct-to-consumer business, you likely have already had to modify the way you do business to engage your customer. 

Provide incentive by giving your customer the opportunity to earn benefits just for shopping with you. By awarding your customers points on every sale you will build a positive customer relationship that lasts.

Reward your most loyal customers and entice your new or lapsed customers back to your webstore by offering special deals. Awarded coupons will increase both sales and customer loyalty.

360 view of the customer

Customers expect to receive the same reward benefits shopping online as they would in-store. To attain this, your customer profile database must be accessed through your webstore.

bLoyal is integrated with your webstore and your POS system so that you will have a single customer record across all sales channels. Customers’ online shopping will be tracked, and they will receive the desired rewards for choosing you over your competitors.

Customer Engagement

Are your customers aware of current promotions and sales?

Due to COVID-19 and the “new normal”, in-store promotions are no longer reliable in driving sales.

Communicating current sales and promotions with your customer base via text and email is more important than ever. Having one centralized customer database with purchase history across all channels allows you to easily segment your customer base for personalized communications.

Drive business and increase sales using the following strategies:

  • Email campaigns based on customer sales history.
  • Reach out to lapsed customers with appealing deals.
  • Offer specials for birthdays and anniversaries.

All of which are made possible by bLoyal’s automated customer engagement platform. We are here to help you save time while driving customers into your virtual store, building a loyalty that will keep them coming back. 

Communicate with customers without ending up in the spam folder

It is important to keep your customers informed with what is going on in your store without pestering them with unwanted texts and emails. You lose the opportunity to acquire business from promotions the moment the customer unsubscribes from your marketing emails. Reduce this risk by tailoring your communications with personalized promotions.

We understand the importance of offering the right customer, the right deal, at the right time

Segmenting your customer base with bLoyal’s platform allows you to perform targeted promotions to groups of customers. For example, customers who frequently purchase within a brand are far more likely to appreciate an email or text to notify them when that brand is on sale. This creates a positive customer experience that adds value to your customer.

It’s Not Too late!

Direct-to-consumer businesses that invest in their online experience are going to survive.  We are here to help. For more information on how bLoyal can help increase your customer lifetime value contact us at

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