Our History

EVT Solutions
Founded in 2004 as “EVT Solutions”, bLoyal started out as a reseller of Microsoft Dynamics’ popular “Retail Management System” point of sale software. We soon noticed that many of our retail clients faced a common challenge - a way to collect and organize customer transactional data for use in dynamic marketing strategies.
After two years of research and development, we launched version one of our flagship loyalty software to six Seattle-based RMS clients. Early versions of the software allowed retailers to offer discounts and promotions to their most loyal customers based on transactional data - all through a powerful and intuitive CMS-style dashboard. From there, we began expanding to offer integrations with other systems, as well as custom integrations.
Expanded Services
In late 2010, we introduced version three of bLoyal with a host of new integrated loyalty and rewards features. Among these, moving the bLoyal network to the cloud, a transition which opened up our platform to integration with virtually any checkout solution on the market.


The #1 Loyalty Program

In 2016, we launched the latest version of bLoyal, an infinitely scalable loyalty and rewards system hosted on Microsoft Azure. We’ve recently updated our front-end UI, and are continuing to add innovative features that help businesses and marketers get more out of their loyalty marketing efforts.

bLoyal has become one of the most popular loyalty and rewards solutions on the market, now serving more than two hundred SMB and enterprise clients across a wide array of verticals – from small coffee shops to well-known, national and international apparel retailers.

Going Global

bLoyal is active in fourteen countries, and our goal is to be the global leader in loyalty solutions by 2018.

What's Next for bLoyal?

  • The bLoyal Engagement Engine

  • AI & Machine Learning for Loyalty

  • User Interface Upgrades

  • Expanding Out-of-the-box Integrations

  • Loyalty Consulting Programs

  • Responsive Customer Journeys

  • Data Aggregation

Leading the Loyalty Market

Since 2004, we’ve grown bLoyal from a small, Microsoft-based loyalty platform into a world leader in loyalty marketing solutions. We’re helping businesses around the globe build customer loyalty with higher average orders and increased customer lifetime value.

bLoyal is dedicated to innovation. The world is changing, and we’re changing with it. Follow us on social or check out our “News” and “Blog” pages to learn more about our plans for bLoyal’s future, and for the future of retail loyalty marketing technology worldwide.

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bLoyal partners with some of the most well known brands on the planet to help them achieve their marketing goals through integrated loyalty solutions.

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