Winning Hospitality Loyalty - Preview Illustration
10 - April 2018
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Winning Customer Loyalty in the Hospitality Business
Summary: As a hospitality program manager, you work hard to curate amazing guest experiences. And while a big part of that effort takes place within the context of your face-to-face interactions with them, that’s only part of the customer’s “journey” with your brand. Hospitality loyalty programs can help you close the loop on providing a […]
Winning Micro-Moments with Loyalty Preview Illustration
27 - February 2018
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Using Micro-Moments to Win at Loyalty Marketing
Summary: As consumers turn to mobile to solve their everyday needs, it’s important for loyalty program managers to understand the concept of micro-moments and how the same philosophies should be guiding their loyalty program growth. Last month, as my in-laws were arriving for the holidays, I embarked on an important journey. Our two-year-old terrier, Lucy, […]
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