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What is Loyalty Marketing?

Number crunchers will often tell you that loyalty marketing is about things like increasing “customer lifetime value”, “reducing churn”, and “improving brand retention”. And for the most part, they’re right. These are proven effects of a well-crafted loyalty marketing program. Ones that over the last ten years, it’s become hard to imagine any retailer not focused on executing strategy around.

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Why Loyalty Programs are Essential for Every Retailer

The idea behind customer loyalty programs is simple: Engage and reward your repeat customers to boost their experience with your brand, and generate more sales. Although the strategy is basic, loyalty programs can produce powerful results.

bLoya Version 4 Launch
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bLoyal Launches Version 4 with Advanced Loyalty Marketing

Redmond, WA – bLoyal’s V4 release delivers exciting new features to help your business attract, engage, and understand your customers better than ever, with powerful scalability, reliability and top-notch performance. “Our mission is to help our customers grow their loyal customer base and maximize customer lifetime value” says Robert Carney, Founder and CTO of bLoyal, […]

DataSym and bLoyal
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bLoyal Announces Comprehensive Loyalty Integration with Datasym

Redmond, WA – bLoyal, an award-winning, omnichannel loyalty platform, and Datasym, a multiple vertical point of sale system provider, announced today that they have partnered to release an integrated solution that delivers omnichannel capabilities to independent retailers nationwide. This new integration will allow retailers to offer advanced, private-label loyalty programs to engage their consumers across […]

Ving and bLoyal
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VingDirect and bLoyal Announce Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Winery Loyalty

Santa Rosa, CA – VingDirect and bLoyal today announced they have forged a strategic partnership, providing a cohesive integration of the companies’ platforms used to focus on growing winery direct to consumer sales. As part of the partnership, VingDirect and bLoyal will provide wineries with an easily accessible view of their direct to consumer business […]

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