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Brand Ambassador Loyalty Program Preview
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Building Ambassador Programs with Customer Loyalty

It probably doesn't come as a shock that “word-of-mouth” marketing is one of the strongest drivers of new retail business, globally. Fully 74% of shoppers say that they will invest in a brand or product, because a friend, family, or other trusted source recommended that they do so. This sort of brand evangelism is the “holy grail” for almost all business owners, managers, and marketers and entire sections of your local book store's "entrepreneurship" section are probably dedicated to different ways in which to accomplish it.

Omnichannel Loyalty & The Retail Downturn Preview
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Omnichannel Loyalty & The Retail Downturn

Retail outlets nationally have been downsizing at a record pace. While some are crying "the demise of brick and mortar", this shift is more evolution than revolution. Learn what what these changes means for your retail business and how to leverage the latest omnichannel marketing tools to thrive in an uncertain environment.

NCR Retail Online Alternative | Hero
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NCR Retail Online Alternative | Pre-Register Now

On the heels of NCR’s surprise announcement that it would be discontinuing its Retail Online product, the team at bLoyal has officially announced an alternative for the widely-used eCommerce platform that will allow NCR Retail Online merchants to continue offering ecommerce solutions with little to no interruption in service.

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5 Steps to Improving Loyalty Program ROI, Right Now.

Loyalty and rewards programs are one of the most effective ways to grow your bottom line. After all, it’s no secret that earning new customers costs several orders of magnitude more than keeping existing ones. It makes sense then that picking off this low hanging fruit with well-executed customer retention programs has become one the quickest and most cost friendly ways to build ROI and get more out of your marketing dollar.

advertising loyalty programs - hero
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Advertising Your Loyalty Program

We know that loyalty and club program shoppers are some of your most valuable. And we’re not talking chump change here, either. These customers represent between three and seven times non-program member’s average order value and almost triple their customer lifetime value. So, when it comes to getting the most bang for your marketing buck, what’s not to love about loyalty, right?

How Do I Choose a Loyalty Program - Preview
loyalty platforms - hero
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How to Get Started Building a Loyalty Program

On the first post in this series, we began to define what loyalty marketing is – down to its core components. So now that you’ve got a handle on what any great loyalty program is trying to accomplish, let's dig into the different types of loyalty platforms and which one will work best for your business.

bLoyal 4 Life after RMS
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Life After RMS with bLoyal Version 4

With bLoyal V4 There Is Life After RMS Microsoft Dynamics RMS Extended Support phase, what does it really mean? As you know RMS has entered into the Extended Support phase as of 7/10/2016 which will end on 7/13/2021. What does this mean? If you are an existing customer you will still be able to purchase […]

loyalty marketing - hero
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What is Loyalty Marketing?

Number crunchers will often tell you that loyalty marketing is about things like increasing “customer lifetime value”, “reducing churn”, and “improving brand retention”. And for the most part, they’re right. These are proven effects of a well-crafted loyalty marketing program. Ones that over the last ten years, it’s become hard to imagine any retailer not focused on executing strategy around.

Why Loyalty Programs are Essential to Every Retailer Featured Image
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Why Loyalty Programs are Essential for Every Retailer

The idea behind customer loyalty programs is simple: Engage and reward your repeat customers to boost their experience with your brand, and generate more sales. Although the strategy is basic, loyalty programs can produce powerful results.