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Quarterly Releases Preview
Reintroducing the Quarterly Release Cycle

As many of our valued clients know, the bLoyal development team has been working furtively over the last 24 months on our migration to Version 4 of the bLoyal platform. While this has been an incredibly rewarding move, among many other challenges, it’s meant a significant reduction in our communications regarding regular platform updates. As […]

Connecting Your Point of Sale and eCommerce Preview Illustration
Connecting Your POS and eCommerce Solutions

If you’re a brick and mortar retailer who’s just getting online (or maybe the other way around), you’re probably looking to connect your point of sale and eCommerce systems. Piece of cake, right? If we can put a man on the moon, this should be a breeze. The answer, as it often turns out with […]

Comparing Integrated and Stand-Alone Loyalty Solutions Hero Illustration
Product Level Segmentation - Infographic
Customer Lifetime Value and Segmentation Preview
Customer Lifetime Value and Segmentation

Customer lifetime value (LTV) is one of the most important key performance indicators for almost all retailers. How it’s defined is not as set in stone as you might think, though. With the addition of omnichannel loyalty software, businesses with offline points of sale now have the ability to understand who is buying what and how much. In this post, we explore how to better leverage omnichannel segmentation as a way dial in on customer lifetime value and what these metrics mean for your marketing strategy.

Omnichannel Shopping Experiences – A Guide to Getting Started

The way our customers shop is changing. With more devices, platforms, and channels than ever before, it’s important that we understand how to leverage technology to better meet them where they spend their time. In this post, we talk about how omnichannel shopping experiences bridge the gap between CX, loyalty, and brand engagement.

Shopify Loyalty Integration Announcement
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bLoyal Announces Shopify Loyalty Integration

This bLoyal integration will enable Shopify users to seamlessly connect both their standalone Shopify store and connected point of sale* to the bLoyal grid, in order to build integrated omnichannel loyalty programs that drive customer lifetime value.

Brand Ambassador Loyalty Program Preview
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Building Ambassador Programs with Customer Loyalty

It probably doesn't come as a shock that “word-of-mouth” marketing is one of the strongest drivers of new retail business, globally. Fully 74% of shoppers say that they will invest in a brand or product, because a friend, family, or other trusted source recommended that they do so. This sort of brand evangelism is the “holy grail” for almost all business owners, managers, and marketers and entire sections of your local book store's "entrepreneurship" section are probably dedicated to different ways in which to accomplish it.

Omnichannel Loyalty & The Retail Downturn Preview
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Omnichannel Loyalty & The Retail Downturn

Retail outlets nationally have been downsizing at a record pace. While some are crying "the demise of brick and mortar", this shift is more evolution than revolution. Learn what what these changes means for your retail business and how to leverage the latest omnichannel marketing tools to thrive in an uncertain environment.