Deliver seamless loyalty experiences on any point of sale system. With out-of-the-box and custom integrated products, bLoyal works within the flow of your transactions to provide instant access and rewards.
How It Works

Loyalty & Rewards Programs for Business

Every day, consumers spend billions of dollars on goods and services at retail stores, on the internet, and through mobile applications. They have an almost limitless number of choices in when, where, and how they shop. So, how do retailers continuously attract, recognize and reward their most loyal customers while building customer lifetime value?

In Flow
bLoyal provides an infinitely scalable, end-to-end loyalty and rewards software solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing checkout process.
Once shoppers are onboarded, you have 360° ability to reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right message through our powerful cloud-based loyalty enabled marketing platform.
Get real-time business intelligence and dynamic insights about which campaigns are working and how your loyalty investment is driving the bottom line.
How Loyalty Programs from bLoyal work

Platform Features

Frequent Buyer Programs
Offer frequent buyer incentives or flexible rewards, coupons, and benefits in real time and for any reason.
Analytics & Business Intelligence
Power BI and Google Analytics Integrations and custom dashboards give you powerful business insights.
360 Loyalty CRM
View master customer profiles, sales history, transactional data, and real-time engagements with our 360 CRM.
Outbound Marketing
Launch exclusive or sharable offers through email, text messages, social blasts and remarketing initiatives.
Customer Journeys
Enable responsive, personalized marketing based on a member's actions, purchase history, or location.
Easy Signup
Instant signup through your native POS, text, social media, website, or mobile application.
Million Loyalty Enabled Transactions Monthly
Thousand Individual SKUs Added Monthly
Million in Loyalty-Driven Revenues Monthly
Thousand Program Members Added Monthly

Advanced Loyalty Solutions

When it comes to omnichannel loyalty solutions, bLoyal, levels the playing field by allowing almost any size or type of business to access the industry leading tools that the most successful executives are using to build customer retention and loyalty.

Omnichannel Loyalty
  • Omnichannel Signup, Marketing, and Analytics
  • Cloud-Based Access from Anywhere
  • Infinitely Scalable Across Industries
  • Product Level Segmentation for Advanced Targeting
  • Real-Time Customer Engagement
  • Custom Clubs & Subscription Programs
  • Automated Customer Retention Tools
  • Multi-Brand Partitioning

POS Integrations

Out of the box loyalty and rewards integrations from bLoyal include the biggest names in e-commerce, point-of-sale software, and enterprise tools.


Loyalty Tips

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Loyalty and rewards programs are one of the most effective ways to grow your bottom line. After all, it’s no secret that earning new customers costs several orders of magnitude more than keeping existing ones. It makes sense then that picking off this low hanging fruit with well-executed customer retention programs has become one the quickest and most cost friendly ways to build ROI and get more out of your marketing dollar.